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“Here's a smile for you!”
Item Shopkeeper, Wario Land 4
Official artwork of Item Shopkeeper

Item Shopkeeper is the keeper of the Item Shop in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. She takes on an appearance that heavily resembles Mr. Game & Watch, with a similar figure and movement. Her purpose in the game is to sell Wario items, which can be purchased with medals. These items can be used to assist Wario in defeating a boss by inflicting damage at the battle's beginning. She is described as a "strange little dude".[1]

In-game sprites of Item Shopkeeper

Item Shopkeeper is actually Princess Shokora, who takes the form of the Black Cat due to a curse set on her by the Golden Diva. When Wario travels to the Golden Pyramid after hearing a rumor of legendary treasure, he spots the Black Cat at the entrance. He sees the cat again on many occasions, such as on the main map and in the corridor before a boss battle. When Wario enters this corridor, the Black Cat can be seen running into the Item Shop up ahead. However, if Wario enters the shop, the only other being there apart from himself is the Shopkeeper. When an item is purchased, the shopkeeper will go with Wario to the boss room. There, she will use the purchased item against the targeted boss. Once the damage has been dealt, she will exit the room, leaving Wario to challenge a slightly weaker boss. For some items, the shopkeeper will even transform into various creatures to inflict damage. This applies to the Black Dog, Big Fist, Large Lips and Black Dragon.

The Item Shopkeeper also appears in Super Mario-Kun. Unlike in the game, she lacks a nose. She uses the Large Lips move to help Wario defeat Aerodent.




  • When an item is used against the final boss Golden Diva, instead of Item Shopkeeper leaving the room after the item has been used, she will stay and transform into the Black Cat, which in turn will confront the Golden Diva. The Black Cat will still appear if Wario does not purchase an item, she will just come in later after Wario.
    • The Item Shopkeeper's transformation into the Black Cat is the only solid evidence in the game that the two characters are the same being.