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Hiyoko WL4 duck.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Black Duck

Hiyoko (ヒヨコ[1], chick) is an enemy in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. It only appears in the battle against the boss Cuckoo Condor in the Ruby Passage. It can be described as a yellow-colored duck which hatches from an egg that is produced by the Condor form of Cuckoo Condor. Its name means "chick" in Japanese.

Cuckoo Condor laying eggs, which will hatch Hiyoko

Upon hatching, Hiyoko will move slowly across the bottom of the screen. At this stage, they are very weak and vulnerable, being able to be destroyed by a simple ground pound or ram. But after a few seconds of being left alone, they will begin to flash orange and greatly increase their pace. If Wario is to touch any Hiyoko at this stage, he will take damage. After a while, they will blow up of their own accord. Alternatively, Wario can catch the eggs before they hit the ground. He would then be able to throw them at the Cuckoo Condor to deal damage and counter the attack.

Hiyoko behave in a very similar way to Black Ducks, which appear in the final battle against the Golden Diva. The Black Ducks are more aggressive, and will blow up a lot more quickly.



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