Big Ball

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Big Ball
WL4-Big Ball.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
The Big Ball seen in the battle against the Golden Diva

The Big Ball[1] is an enemy in Wario Land 4. It appears only in the final battle against the Golden Diva, being the second of the five creatures that she produces to harm Wario. It is a blue ball with a pink imprint of the Topaz Passage boss Aerodent. During the battle, the Golden Diva throws the Big Ball, and it lands heavily on the ground. If left alone for a few seconds, it will detonate on its own, harming Wario if he is nearby. If Wario rams the Big Ball on its side, however, it will go flying at a 45º angle and reflect off the walls, possibly hitting the Golden Diva to inflict damage and counter her attack.


  1. ^ The Wario Land 4 official Shogakukan Japanese game guide does not give this enemy a proper name, instead describing it on page 143 as 「大きなボール」 ōkina bōru, meaning "[a] big ball".