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This article is about the Cheep Cheep-like fish from the game Yoshi's Story. For information about the Blurps of the game Super Mario World, see here.
A Blurp.

Blurps[1] are relatives of the Cheep Cheep native to Yoshi's Island. They are found in the game Yoshi's Story. The standard Blurps are small, round, reddish-orange-colored fish with white bellies found in the seas in stages 5-1: Lots O' Jellyfish and 5-2: Lots O' Fish. Some swim back and forth in one small area, while others swim continuously forward in a more-or-less straight line.

There are two giant subspecies of Blurp in the game as well, and these are detailed below.

Big Blurp[edit]

Big Blurps are giant versions of Blurps native to the Jungle River of Yoshi's Island. Big Blurps will eat anything near the river, so Yoshi must be careful when in their vicinity. Big Blurps act a lot like Bubba and Boss Bass, but are larger and more aggressive.

Big Blurps appear only in Stage 4-2: Jungle Puddle. They can jump very high out of the water, and have excellent aim. If a Yoshi falls into the water there's almost no chance of getting out in one piece.

Big Blue Blurp[edit]

YS Sprite Big Slurp.png

Big Blue Blurps are a sub-species of Big Blurps that spit water at anything above the waterline. However, once their prey is in the water, they act like normal Big Blurps. They are rarer than the normal Big Blurp, but all the same appear only where the normal variety do (namely, Jungle Puddle).

Much like Spray Fish from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the Big Blue Blurps shoot out a wall of water that's difficult to pass. These can be very annoying since their water spray follows Yoshi and can knock him into the water.


A Blurp from Mario Golf 64.
  • A Blurp makes a cameo in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, jumping over the racers during the awards ceremony and making the trophy appear. It also appears in Mario Kart 64, doing almost the same thing but it flies and never touches the ground, but it doesn't jump over. It flies down and makes the trophy appear, then flies off.
  • In Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, either a Bubba or Blurp will eat the ball if it lands in the water.


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