Harry (Mario Golf)

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Mario Golf Character
Drive 260 yards
Shot High Draw
Description Totally confident in his play, Harry's philosophy is "If I play my best game, I'll win!"
How to unlock Get Character Mode
This article is about a Mario Golf character. For information about other uses of the word "Harry", see here.
Harry takes a swing.

Harry is a human golfer in Mario Golf 64. This is the only game he is playable in, and also his only appearance. He is known for his long drive and sharp draw shot, similar to Mario. There is also a Harry in Mario Tennis; however, he looks very different. Harry is the sixth character to be unlocked. Harry usually wears a blue shirt, blue hat and white pants with brown shoes. Harry also has a blonde goatee and hair, and his name may even be a pun on the term "hairy".

Harry is also a very serious golfer, as he gets angry with bogeys, grunts when he gets pars, and is only 'okay' with birdies.