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Grace, the beauty and former champ of the Palms course.
Full Name Grace
Species Human
First Appearance Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) (1999)
Latest Appearance Mario Golf: Advance Tour (2004)

Grace is a female golfer in Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color and Mario Golf: Advance Tour. She was enrolled as a young girl in the School for Gifted Golfers, greatly advancing to ultimate golfer status. According to the Japanese Mario Golf website, Grace is raised in Germany, cares very much about fashion, and is spoiled by her father.

Once known as the Princess of Women's Golfing and the Queen of the Course in some circles, Grace is known for being a balanced golfer. Her title is eventually taken by the current champ of the Palms, Sherry, whom she also teams up with in the Palms Doubles Cup. Grace, as competitive as she can be, seems to be the most formal and polite of the four (previous) champs in the circle, even giving kudos and respect to Neil and Ella after advancing so quickly through the tourneys.

Character Description[edit]


Grace is a tall, developed, human female with violet eyes, a peachy skin complexion and long, thin, wavy. red hair. She has a round face, with regular feminine-shaped eyes, a pert, pointed, short nose, and defined lips with pink lipstick. Her eyebrows are thin, lengthy, and darker compared to the rest of her hair.


Grace wears a blue, golf mini-dress. It is sleeveless with a blue collar, and she retains wearing a fancy, white, golfers glove. Her golfing shoes are very detailed, accented with various shades of blue and a white base color. Grace wears small, white, pearl earrings.

Grace in Mobile Golf.


In Mario Golf, Grace has short red-orange hair clipped back with a yellow hairclip. Aside from having a different shade of red hair, her eyes are blue rather than purple. Many of her features are very dissimilar. Her face is thin and oval shaped, like her eyes, and her skin is a yellow, fair tone. She wears a sleeveless, fancy red dress and the same golfing glove. Her golfing shoes are a brown tone and she wears short, white socks. Two pink, circular earrings are worn to top off the outfit.


Mario Golf[edit]

  • Drive: 220 Yards
  • Age: Unknown
  • Shot: Straight

Mario Golf: Advance Tour[edit]

  • Drive: 225 Yards
  • Height: Slightly low
  • Shot: Balanced
  • Impact: A slight wide
  • Control: Slightly good
  • Spin: Weak