Lucky Fruit

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The "Reveal Lucky Fruit" screen.

During each playthrough of Yoshi's Story, a Lucky Fruit is randomly selected among the four regular fruits (Apples, Bananas, Watermelons, and Grapes) to serve as the Baby Yoshi's "yummiest" fruit (not including the rare Melons). The Lucky Fruit is determined at random after the player chooses their first level but before the player chooses the Yoshi they wish to play as. This process occurs on the "Reveal Lucky Fruit" screen. On this screen, the game cycles through the four types of fruit; when the player presses "A" or "START," the roulette will stop and a Lucky Fruit will be chosen. This fruit selected will remain the Lucky Fruit of this playthrough until the game is completed. When the game is played from the beginning again, another Lucky Fruit is randomly selected. The Lucky Fruit rewards the Yoshi with eight ♥s, which is much more than even the Favorite Fruit (besides Melons, which award over a hundred ♥s), boosting the dinosaur's overall mood and level of happiness. Additionally, a Lucky Fruit will recover all of the petals on a Yoshi's Smile Meter. A Lucky Fruit tastes yummy even if a Yoshi normally does not like the fruit chosen as the Lucky Fruit. For example, while Yellow Yoshis normally love the taste of Bananas, they will enjoy Apples even more if Apples happen to be the Lucky Fruit. In each level, there will be twelve of the selected Lucky Fruit to find, while there will be six of each of the other three "ordinary" fruits.