Yoshi Falls

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Yoshi Falls
Yoshi Falls.png
Appearance(s) Mario Kart DS (2005)
Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) it Appears in Mushroom Cup (MKDS)
Shell Cup (MKW)
Staff Ghost 0:57:677 by Ninten★まっは (MKDS)
1:16:461 by Nin*DoTak (MKW)
Expert Staff Ghost 1:09:175 by Nin*FJ (MKW)
Wi-Fi No longer available (DS, Wii)
Course Map

Yoshi Falls is a race course in Mario Kart DS as the second track of the Mushroom Cup. The track is located in a crater-like valley, circling a lake with three waterfalls connected to the body of water, crossing the track. A large Yoshi Egg is found in the center of the lake. Numerous Dash Panels are located at some places along the course. Bridges do provide a safer way to pass, as opposed to going through the waterfalls is a risk, due to being able to be pushed off the edge. The missions 1-3 and 3-4 take place on this course.

The course returns as the second classic retro course in Mario Kart Wii for the Shell Cup. It was remade with improved graphics, along with most Mario Kart DS courses on the Wii.

Yoshi Falls is one of the shortest courses in Mario Kart DS, along with other quite short areas such as GCN Baby Park, N64 Moo Moo Farm, GBA Peach Circuit and SNES Mario Circuit 1. It is the shortest nitro course in the game. The track's overview is quite similar to Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Wii.

Course layout[edit]

Panoramic of Yoshi Falls in Mario Kart Wii.

Racers start far the edge of the cliff protected by a bar. As they go onwards, they can take either of the upper half of the track or the lower half, taking advantage to run faster but also being vulnerable to fall off or being pushed off by the rapids crossing the path. The upper level, however, has a bridge to cross safely over the waters, and handy Item Boxes. Racers then must take the second bridge, also containing Item Boxes. The stream of the second rapid down the bridge is more powerful, so it results easy to fall to the lake by taking this way. Certain item as a Star would serve to pass the obstacle and gain more time. Briefly, past the second bridge, characters can run over useful Dash Panels in the upper half, while the lower half has none of these speed boosters, some Item Boxes appear down the third bridge, unlike the upper stretch which does not have any. Once passed the bridge and the Dash Panels, the track ends in the finish line, which starts another lap of the course. This final stretch is a good oppotunity to perform a wheelie.


There are two missions involving this circuit: 1-3 and 3-4. In mission 1-3 the player has to destroy the 10 item boxes and in mission 3-4 they have to cross the finish line in a single lap before Yoshi.

Official descriptions[edit]

Mario Kart DS

  • Sites
    • Flag of USA.png "Huge waterfalls cut through the course in Yoshi Falls. Try to hit as many dash panels as you can, and don't follow the water over the edge!"
    • Flag of Europe.png "This sloping circuit is awash with waterfalls, so caution is advised. Taking the lower path can give you the edge, until you fall off it; therefore less skilled drivers are urged to take the high road and make full use of the plentiful Dash Panels and Item Boxes."

Mario Kart Wii

  • Sites
    • Flag of USA.png "The exact same as on the DS, only the second bridge is now a great spot to catch some air and trick a Mini-Turbo."
    • Flag of Europe.png "Will you take the high road or the low road? Those waterfalls might look pretty, but driving through them can be dangerous!


Bouncy Mushrooms from Mushroom Gorge were added as a shortcut in the second July 2009 tournament.

A tournament in Mario Kart Wii took place on this course as the July 2009 second tournament. It was a Wii Wheel only GP race, where players had to use the Mushroom Gorge mushrooms as alternate routes to get around.


DS appearance[edit]

Wii appearance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーフォールズ
Yosshī fōruzu
Yoshi Falls
Spanish Cataratas de Yoshi Yoshi's Waterfalls
French Cascades Yoshi Yoshi Waterfalls
German Yoshi-Kaskaden Yoshi Waterfalls
Italian Cascate di Yoshi Yoshi's Waterfalls
Korean 요시알 폭포
Yosi-al Pokpo
Yoshi Egg Falls