Mario Circuit 2

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Mario Circuit 2
The map of Mario Circuit 2.
Appearance(s) Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Mario Kart 7
Cup(s) it Appears in Mushroom Cup (SMK)
Extra Flower Cup (MKSC)
Banana Cup (MK7)
Staff Ghost Nin★ITRO-S (1:28.106) (MK7)
Expert Staff Ghost Nin★==Kony (1:17.777) (MK7)
Wi-Fi Available (3DS)
Mario Circuit (SNES).ogg
Super Mario Kart
Course Map

SNES Mario Circuit 2.png
GBA Mario Circuit 2.png
3DS Map
SFC Mario Circuit 2.png

Mario Circuit 2 first appears in Super Mario Kart, and reappears in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario Kart 7.

Appearance in Super Mario Kart[edit]

Mario Circuit 2

In Super Mario Kart, Mario Circuit 2 is the fifth and final course of the Mushroom Cup. It is a typical Mario Circuit course, featuring Pipes, many curves and also Oil Slicks, which have a similar effect on players like bananas, with the difference that they do not make them lose any coins. In addition, there is also a large Ramp that the player must complete, which overlaps another part of the track. When playing in Grand Prix mode, sometimes a computer driver does not manage to carry out the full jump (mainly last place), preventing them from completing a lap. This can also happen to a player when trying to do the jump too slowly. Since the CPU does not Super Jump near the jump, it becomes a great trap laying area. Several Warp Pipes are placed in the final corner before the finish line.

Appearance in Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

Mario Circuit 2 from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

In Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Mario Circuit 2 is the first track in the Extra Flower Cup. It uses the background from Mario Circuit. An extra Item Box is placed at the left of the track before the jump. The pipe and oil slick hazards have been removed from the original version.

Appearance in Mario Kart 7[edit]

In Mario Kart 7.

In Mario Kart 7, Mario Circuit 2 as the second race course in the Banana Cup. In this version of the track, the large jump is completed by using a glider panel. There is a trick ramp on the large off-road path, and the straight between turns 9 and 10 is lengthened, in order to prevent riders from cutting the track by using the gliders in a similar way that racers could exploit the jump in previous Mario Kart games. The straight between turns 3 and 4 is also made longer. It is also the shortest track in the game, and unlike previous versions of the track, has 3 laps instead of 5.

Players may fall to the lower section of the track if they slow down during the jump, due to getting hit by an item. If players do fall down, they will get picked up by Lakitu and brought back to the ramp.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオサーキット2
Mario Sākitto 2
Mario Circuit 2
Spanish Circuito Mario 2 Mario Circuit 2
French Circuit Mario 2 Mario Circuit 2
Dutch Mario's Circuit 2 Mario's Circuit 2
German Marios Piste 2 Mario's Circuit 2
Italian Circuito di Mario 2 Mario's Circuit 2
Portuguese Circuito 2 do Mario Mario's Circuit 2
Russian Трасса Марио 2
Trassa Mario 2
Mario Track 2
Korean 마리오 서킷2
Mario Seokit 2
Mario Circuit 2
Chinese 瑪利歐賽道2
Mǎlìōu Sàidào 2
Mario Speedway 2