Training Room (Luigi's Mansion)

Training Room
Fireworks in the Training Room
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Normal ghosts (none)
A Gold Ghost in an orb state approaching Luigi from behind whilst in a brand new styled Training Room.
The Training Room in the Nintendo 3DS remake

The Training Room is a location in Luigi's Mansion. It is one of the places Luigi can go from The Lab, along with the Mansion, the Gallery, and the Hidden Mansion. In this room, Professor E. Gadd sends Gold Ghosts in for Luigi to fight, starting with one and ending with ten, sometimes eleven.[1] E. Gadd congratulates the player depending on how many ghosts they have captured. If the player captures seven or more, fireworks explode and Professor E. Gadd happily congratulates Luigi.

The Nintendo 3DS version features a slightly different Training Room and Gold Ghosts pop out of the warp pipes in an orb-like shape, similar to the Gold Ghost carrying a key in the Foyer.


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)Edit

  • Digital manual description: "You can practice vacuuming ghosts here."

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
French Salle d'entraînement
Training Room
German Trainingsraum
Training room
Italian Sala addestramento
Training room
Spanish Sala de prácticas
Practice Room


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  • There is a door to the left of the Training Room. While it cannot be entered, it leads to The Lab, according to the Game Boy Horror.