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Iwao WL4.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)

Iwao (岩男[1]) are enemies in Wario Land 4 that only appear in the level Fiery Cavern. They are pudgy but powerful humanoid creatures. Iwao regularly summon big spherical rocks and throw them in the direction of Wario. The rocks roll along the ground and hurt Wario when they overrun him and eventually shatter when they roll against a wall. Wario is not able to destroy the rocks by himself, but he can avoid damage by ground pounding them. Shortly after a rock has disappeared from the screen, an Iwao summons a new one. When not throwing a rock, they simply move back and forth within a small area and cannot hurt Wario by themselves. However, Iwao are immune to most of Wario's attacks and only stop for a short moment when he touches them. Wario can only defeat an Iwao by dealing a ground pound to the head. If defeated, Wario is rewarded with a Silver Coin.

When Wario jumps on the switch in the level and the temperature radically changes, the Iwaos become Yetis, implying that these enemies change with the climate.


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