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A Fountain Cafe trackside banner.

Fountain Cafe is a chain of cafés that appears as a sponsor in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Their logo consists of the word "Fountain" written in white inside a blue banner with a yellow outline, and the word "Cafe" underneath in yellow, with two coffee beans either side of the word. The logo also has variants, one of which removes the banner but adds a semi-circular outline to the words, and moves the coffee beans downwards and adds a white cup of coffee too. Another variant consists of the two words next to each other to the right of the coffee cup, with one yellow line above it and two below. The other variant is just the coffee cup from the logo on an orange background instead. It is advertised by the shops that appear alongside the courses, signs, posters and bottles.

Fountain Cafe stores can be seen in Toad Harbor, as well as in GCN Yoshi Circuit, where it also appears on a few signposts pointing towards its location. Bottles of drink from Fountain Cafe can be seen on sale in the vending machines in Super Bell Subway, and posters advertising it appear throughout the course as well.