Paper plane (object)

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The paper plane
The paper plane in WarioWare Gold

The paper plane is an object that appears in the Paper Plane microgame and minigame in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!, and Paper Airplane Chase. The paper plane is controlled by the player, and is constantly moving down. It can be steered left or right to avoid hitting obstacles and walls, and to slow down or speed up. If the paper plane hits an obstacle, the game is lost. Hitting the wall causes the paper plane to quickly steer downwards.

In the Race mode of Paper Airplane Chase, paper planes are colored light blue and red. In WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!, paper planes are red, blue, orange, and green.

In WarioWare Gold, instead of the paper plane, a white figure stands on a leaf.