List of clothing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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An icon for clothing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Clothing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time boost stats, but not special effects unlike its predecessor. There are two sizes of clothing, the larger type for the adult Mario and Luigi, and the smaller type for Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.

Clothing Location For Buy price Effect
100-Point Pants Drop: Shroob Rex Babies DEF +100, all other stats +20
Adult Trousers Koopaseum Adults DEF +50, SPEED +10, STACHE +5
Block Trousers Thwomp Volcano, Drop: Thwack Adults DEF +70
Branded Slacks Peach's Castle (present) Adults 350 DEF +35
Egg Pants Peach's Castle (present) Babies 450 DEF +38
Golden Pants Thwomp Caverns, Drop: Gold Koopeleon Babies DEF +48
Heart Pants Yoshi's Island Babies HP +10, DEF +5
Muscle Slacks Gritzy Caves Adults 470 POW +20
Mushroom Jeans Toad Town Babies 560 HP +15, DEF +55
Para Slacks Toad Town Adults DEF +110, SPEED +80
Patched Slacks Peach's Castle (present) Adults 140 DEF +20
Preferred Pants Peach's Castle (present) Babies 280 DEF +25
Puffy Trousers Yoob's Belly Adults HP +10, DEF +40
Rocket Jeans Peach's Castle (past) Babies POW +20, DEF +80, STACHE +10
Royal Pants Peach's Castle (present) Babies 800 DEF +75
Royal Trousers Peach's Castle (present) Adults 950 DEF +120
Secret Jeans Gritzy Desert Babies DEF +34, SPEED +10, STACHE +5
Shell Slacks Peach's Castle (present) Adults 560 DEF +60
Shroom Slacks Toad Town Adults 650 HP +20, DEF +90
Silky Pants Equipped at the beginning Babies DEF +6
Space Trousers Peach's Castle (past) Adults POW +30, DEF +130, STACHE +20
Stache Jeans Star Shrine Babies DEF +70, STACHE +40
Star Trousers Toad Town Adults 700 POW +15, DEF +95
Starchy Jeans Peach's Castle (present) Babies 90 DEF +10
Stardust Pants Toad Town Babies 610 POW +10, DEF +55
Supreme Slacks Drop: Shroobsworth/Intern Shroob Adults DEF +150, all other stats +30
Svelte Slacks Gritzy Caves Adults 420 HP +20, SPEED +20, STACHE +10
Thrilling Pants Gritzy Caves Babies 420 POW +15
Tissue Pants Gritzy Caves Babies 380 HP +15, SPEED +15, STACHE +5
Unarmed Jeans Toadwood Forest, Vim Factory Babies POW +5
Wafer Slacks Equipped at the beginning Adults DEF +10
Wild Trousers Peach's Castle (present), Toadwood Forest Adults POW +5