DS Time Radar

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“My DS time radar puts Peach somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom of yesteryear.”
Professor Elvin Gadd, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
E. Gadd using his DS Time Radar to locate Princess Peach

The DS Time Radar is a machine invented by Professor E. Gadd which appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It is first used after defeating Junior Shrooboid, where E. Gadd uses it to find out in what time period and where Princess Peach was. It reveals she was stuck in the past of the Mushroom Kingdom. The DS Time Radar was also used to activate the Hydrogush 4000 later in the game.

The DS Time Radar looks exactly like a Nintendo DS. The name DS Time Radar also comes from the Nintendo DS. The Time Radar also appears to include a Stylus.