Whammino Mountain
View of the final segment of the level.
Level code W1-5
World World 1
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Whammino Mountain is a mountainous level and the secret exit of Water's Edge Way in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This cliffside level has the second Sticker Shop and the first Super Star in the game. Completing this level unlocks Goomba Fortress.


Mario in front of the gate before finding the scrap.

The level begins with a dim grass patch, followed by rocky steps up to another, more mountainous area. This winding path contains the only Lakitu in the game. It endlessly throws Spinies at Mario, similar to the unreachable Lakitu in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Nearby is a rare Super Star, which can be used to defeat the Spinies. After the cliff steps, the next room contains a white gate, with its center missing. Mario must continue to the mountaintop to find the gate scrap on an unreachable mountain platform. A tree must be hammered to make the platform tilt and drop the scrap, allowing Mario to paste it back into its rightful place. In the chain reaction cutscene, parts of the Super Mario Bros. theme can be heard in rhythm as the terrain tilts, jumps, drops, and more to reveal the white gate scrap. A pipe can also be found here, leading back to the beginning of the level.

The Whammino Mountain Sticker Shop.

After the White Gate is back into place, a helpless Blue Toad can be found pasted to a low-flying cloud. After rescuing him, he opens up his sticker shop. Shortly after this, the very top of the level can be accessed, where the Comet Piece is found.

Secret DoorEdit

The spot for a Secret Door sticker is located in the underground passage accessed via Warp Pipe which can used to obtain the Bellows thing.

Sticker upgrade spotsEdit

To the right of the sticker shop, above a flower that can be bloomed using the hammer.

Area TattleEdit

Mountain AreasEdit

  • This is my first time mountain climbing! Look! I'm a mountain sticker!

Sticker Shop AreaEdit

  • Wow, all this in the clouds! Not bad!


Sticker ShopEdit

Name of Sticker Picture Price Availability
Jump   3 coins From the Start
Hammer   3 coins From the Start
Poison Mushroom   2 coins From the Start
Mushroom   15 coins From the Start
Fire Flower   20 coins From the Start
Shiny Fire Flower   30 coins After collecting One Royal Sticker
Flashy Fire Flower   40 coins After collecting three Royal Stickers
Ice Flower   20 coins From the Start
Shiny Ice Flower   30 coins After collecting One Royal Sticker
Flashy Ice Flower   40 coins After collecting three Royal Stickers


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンバラ山
Portmanteau of「ドン」(don, onomatopoeia for crushing sound) and「バラバラ」(barabara, scattering) +「山」(san, mountain)

Chinese 咚啪啦山
Dōngpālā Shān
Transliteration of Japanese name

French (NOA) Mont Boummino
Boummino Mountain
French (NOE) Mont Badaboum
Bang Mountain
German Kawummino-Gebirge
Kawummino Mountains
Italian Monte Roboante
Mount Bombastic
Spanish Montaña Domiplúm
Domiplúm Mountain. From "dominó" (domino) and the onomatopoeia "plúm", denoting something heavy hitting the ground