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Dark Bowser jr.JPEG

Bowserdude729's Userbox Tower
A Tail Goomba
Artwork of Baby Mario for Mario Kart Wii (also used in Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Kart Tour)
NSMBW Luigi Standing Render.png
Tootsie Pop.gif
Challenge accepted.png
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
Final issue of Nintendo Power  magazine.
MP8 Yoshi Icon.png

My userpage

I joined the wiki on March 10th, 2012, and I've been making lots of contributions to the wiki. I also enjoy reading The 'Shroom, the wiki's newspaper. I got my personal image because I decided to have Bowser Jr. be combined with the Dark Star. That would explain the Dark Bowser Jr. Photo. O_o

Dark Bowser jr.JPEG BowserDude729 17:43, 30 January 2013 (EST)

PS: If you wanna be friend, then ask me on my talk page, and I'll give you my userbox: |-

Dark Bowser jr.JPEG

Dark Star artwork from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. + Artwork of Bowser Jr. from Mario Super Sluggers = (who, by the way, is AWESOME!!!)

Robo-Bowser will DESTROY YOU ALL!!!!!!!!


World10 (talk)

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits)

Maraca GuySombreroGuyMaraca Guy

Paper MP9 Luigi Artwork.png Smb1

Zombie ShroomPokebubZombie Shroom

Who's online: Conradd, BMfan08, Camwoodstock, Pickulsaur, Golddude64, Toa 95, Yoshi the SSM, WayslideCool, Big Super Mario Fan, EleCyon, Clementover9000, Tails777, Sparks, Ahemtoday, Chris Helper, Spencer PK, Iluvfluttershy321, Superchao, Mjhenry83, ExoRosalina, Scrooge200, PopeLuigi, PaulHabaradas, Lakituthequick, ScratchCat5754, Seandwalsh, Jrpierre123, Tmjjmt, MCD, LadySophie17, Ttoad, Reimusgf, DrippingYellow, Raymondsze, Hooded Pitohui, Smijes08, Dus T., Creepze

Least favorite characters of Bowserdude729

Image Name Why I don't like them
Artwork of Waluigi, used in Mario Party 8 and Mario Party: The Top 100 Waluigi Weird voice, creepy stance, odd mustache. What is there to like about him?
Artwork of Baby Daisy for Mario Kart Wii (also used in Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Kart Tour) Baby Daisy The creepiest of all the babies (except if there was a Baby Waluigi)

Favorite Characters

Image Name Description
File:Mario - New Super Mario Bros U.png Mario The heroic plumber
File:NSMBULuigi.png Luigi The runner up
Artwork of Princess Peach for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (also used for Fortune Street and New Super Mario Bros. 2) Princess Peach The princess
Artwork of Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. U Bowser The scary turtle
MP9 Yoshi Artwork.png Yoshi Teh green chomp chomp

Least favorite powerups

# Image Name Why it stinks
1 Frog Suit Sticker PMSS.png Frog Suit This thing sucks on land
2 File:MetalCap.jpg Metal Cap Makes Mario slower and has heavier jumps
3 Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom Isn't it obvious?

Most favorite powerups

# Image Name Description
1 A Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom A flying hat
2 A Penguin Suit Penguin Suit A suit making Mario turn into the form of the Aptenodytes forsteri
3 Artwork of a Super Leaf for New Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Leaf/Tanooki Suit One of Mario's most classic Power-ups
4 The Hammer Suit. Hammer Suit Mario gets to turn the tables on the Hammer Bros.!
5 NSMB Blueshell.png Blue Koopa Shell Does this Power-up make my shell look big?
6 File:Powerup-ice-flower-sm.png Ice Flower (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) Take a chill pill with this cool flower!
7 SMG2 Cloudflower.png Cloud Flower White and floaty, Mario is a walking cloud

Most Favorite Mario Games

  • All

Super Mario series logo

Least Favorite Mario Games


Games/Systems that I currently have (or used to) and when I got them*

Wii U


Wii logo
The Wii.

Virtual Console

N64 SNES NES WiiWare
Super Mario 64 Super Mario RPG SMB: The Lost Levels WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase
Mario Kart 64 Super Mario World Super Mario Bros. 2 N/A
Paper Mario Super Mario Kart Kirby's Adventure N/A
Yoshi's Story Kirby's Dream Land 3 N/A N/A
Mario Golf Mega Man X N/A N/A
Mario Party 2 N/A N/A N/A


Box art of New Super Mario Bros.


Artwork of Mini-Mario in Mario vs. Donkey Kong (later reused in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!)



Nintendo eShop

Virtual Console

NES Gameboy GBC Game & Watch
3D Classics:Kirby's Adventure Super Mario Land Link's Awakening DX Judge
3D Classics:Kid Icarus Mario's Picross Game & Watch Gallery 2 Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch)
The Legend of Zelda Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins N/A N/A
Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch Gallery N/A N/A
N/A *Donkey Kong (Game Boy) N/A N/A
N/A Kirby's Dream Land N/A N/A
N/A Kirby's Pinball Land N/A N/A


  • NOTE:eShop and Virtual Console game years not listed

Games that I've played

File:SMS-Mario Jump FLUDD.png

Most enemies that I have encountered

...And a ton more! Artwork of a Goomba in New Super Mario Bros. (later used in Mario Super Sluggers, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Run)

Most bosses that I have beaten

Warning- The following list is very long. If you tend to get bored very easily, then turn back now while you still can.

Why did there have to be so freakin' many of us!?!

Characters who I'm good with in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Characters who I'm NOT good with

Pages I've created


From Kirby:Right Back At Ya!. Oh yeah.


Never mess with a king's carpet.


Hey, everyone. I know a lot (almost everything) about the Mario series, so if you ever need to ask me anything, just ask on my talk page!