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Welcome to my user page!
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“Rest In Peace Walkazo...”
Joseph, Super Mario Wiki

Joseph's mii.jpg

Gaming Level:Middle
First appearance:04:15, July 2nd 2014.
Favorite console:Wii U.
Favorite character:Yoshi
Favorite game:Super Paper Mario
Birthday:May 2.

Hello! I'm Joseph. My favorite Mario character is yoshi. And if you find a "Joseph" user on Miiverse, then make sure it's me because I have black hair, a blur shirt, and the NNID will be "3klxip." And I want a big thanks to this user for all the help he has done. And this one also for help. And a good friend for a lot. My favorite quote is:Obey Wario' destroy Mario!

Who's online: Alex95, TheDarkStar, Yoshi the SSM, Lord Grammaticus, BBQ Turtle, Mario Sakuraba, Thunder Sniper, Gamermakerguy, Toadette the Achiever, Mad Hunter, Zootalo, 3l!jah, Porplemontage, Mariofan5000, Gold Luigi, Nicktendo64, Power Flotzo

If you want my friend box, here you go. (Go to view source.)



Joseph's mii.jpg


You have entered the page of Joseph! Make sure you didn't click the wrong user page. I like editing my userpage, but I still edit mainspace. I usually ask Yoshi876 for help. If you want one of my Mario Kart 7 communities, it's 15-1655-5716-3576. My friend code on 3DS is 317970724338.

And why not listen to some epic music while seeing my userpage? (Vegeta? What did the scouter say about the music's power level? IT'S OVER 9,000!!!)

Games I have

Game Console Completion Comment Rating
108x143px GBAlogo.png 19 more quests to beat the game. Kinda cool, but I can't go too far. 6/10
SMB3.png GBAlogo.png World 2. Have the GBA version, and I was sad that you can't play levels again. 6/10
Mario Party DS - Logo.jpg DS Logo.svg All the modes. Nice game, fun on multiplayer, but story mode was kinda hard. 8/10
108x143px DS Logo.svg Beat the game, but not 100% yet. (Got Rainbow Rank btw) I love this concept where you go in and out of Bowser's body! 10/10
108x143px Wii Logo.svg Chapter 2-2 THE BEST GAME IN MY LIFE!!! I WANT A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!11!!!!!one!!!! 11/10
Mario Kart Wii logo.png Wii Logo.svg Star Cup My first Mario Kart game! 7/10
SMG Logo.png Wii Logo.svg Beat the game with Mario! Nice characters, and cool missions, but it was too confusing at some points. 8/10
MP8 Logo.png Wii Logo.svg Beat the Star Battle Arena. One of the best Mario Party games. 8/10
MP9 logo.png Wii Logo.svg Up to Boo's Horror Castle in Story Mode. The car is a nice mechanic! And so are the minigames. 7/10
SM3DLogo.png 3DS Logo.svg Beat the game. Not too hard, and was also my first 3DS game. 8/10
108x143px 3DS Logo.svg Got 2 unlockable characters, all cups, and not all parts. The online mode is fun, so is normal 1 player and 2 player. 8/10
NSMB2.png 3DS Logo.svg Beat the game. Wow, what a cool game! I love coin rush, and very fun on multiplayer too! 8/10
PMSSlogo.png 3DS Logo.svg 2-4 I don't like it! You fight for nothing, no leveling up, no special attacks, no partners and don't know where to go! Although the stickers were a nice mechanic. 4/10
Logo - Mario Party Island Tour.png 3DS Logo.svg Beat the game. Awesome game, except I can't do Shy Guy's Shuffle City. 8/10
MTOlogo.png 3DS Logo.svg Halfway through the game. Love the QR codes, and new gear! 7/10
Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. 3DS.png 3DS Logo.svg Unlocked all fighters and stages. Really awesome game, love custom characters, but Wii U is better. 8/10
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Logo.png 3DS Logo.svg Up to the final battle Great crossover with two of my favorite RPGs! 9/10
NSMBU.png Wii U Logo.svg Beat the game. My first Wii U game, and really fun with the other modes! 8/10
NSLUlogo.png Wii U Logo.svg Beat the game. Pretty much NSMBU, but with a luigi twist! It's harder, and I mostly use Nabbit. 8/10
Logo EN - Super Mario 3D World.png Wii U Logo.svg Beat Bowser, but not 100%. Cool game for multiplayer, and nice 3D Land sequel. (If it is one...) 8/10
Mario Kart 8 Logo.png Wii U Logo.svg Beat the game. Nice Mario Kart game, waited long for it! The anti gravity is AMAZING! 8/10
Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. Wii U.png Wii U Logo.svg Unlocked all fighters and stages. Really awesome, better than 3DS version, love Smash Tour and amiibo. 9\10
Logo EN - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.png Wii U Logo.svg Beat Chapter 1. A gift from Christmas, played some levels, and find it a little hard. 8\10
Mario Party 10 second logo.png Wii U Logo.svg Unlocked everything Bowser Party? Amiibo Party? LOVE THEM!!! 9/10

Amiibos I have.

My wiki pets

You give me pets if you feel nice.


This is Spike the Spiny. He was bad, but I tamed him with coins.

He also met Fluffy, King Dark Bowser's spiny while we were talking.


This is Bubbles, my blue yoshi. I tamed him with a Yoshi Coin since only Yoshi species can be tamed with these. You might be thinking, "tThis isn't Bubbles!" Well, he grew up the same day my Pink Yoshi hatched.

SMG YellowLuma.jpg

This is Lunar, my Luma. I saw it stuck on the ground. I tamed it with Star Bits.


After a long time, the egg has finally hatched! Acts the same as younger bubbles. Doesn't have a name yet, so please help me decide.


A red yoshi that Daemon64 gave me. I would put it in "gifts" but it's a pet. I named him Yoshster.

Rainbow Yoshi.png

Another pet by Daemon64. He gave this to be because in Mario Kart 7, he stole my items in the Lucky 7. He didn't have to!

GoldenGoomba Miracle GoldenGoomba 6.png

From a new person named Mariokid (talk). It looks very shiny, and it can even make coins! It's name is Golda.


From my really good friend King Dark Bowser. It's name is Merlo, named after Dark Bowser's Rex, Merlin. Merlo and Bubbles like to fight sometimes.

Pet facts


  • He likes to eat anything with bread, and plays with Coins. He just tried pizza, and liked it. He is the spikester species.
  • Likes:Bread, coins, and pizza.
  • Dislikes:When Bubbles mistakes him for an enemy.
  • Friends:Fluffy, darkbowserrules123's Spiny.


  • He is my first Yoshi pet. When I first got him, I didn't know what to call him. I thought of his power, and yeah! He also blows bubbles at Spike.
  • Likes:Berries and apples.
  • Dislikes:Nothing.
  • Friends:Unnamed magenta yoshi, Lunar, and Yoshster.


  • Likes to eat star bits and Space Food. Has met comet' Darkbowserrules123's Luma.
  • Likes:Star bits, space food.
  • Dislikes:Nothing.
  • Friends:Bubbles, and Comet.

Magenta yoshi

  • Was just hatched. Already friends with bubbles.
  • Likes:Same as bubbles.
  • Dislikes:Nothing.
  • Friends:Bubbles.


  • My red yoshi. He and bubbles have gotten along quite well.
  • Likes:Same as Bubbles.
  • Dislikes:Spike's sharp spikes.
  • Friends:Bubbles and Magenta yoshi.

My Mario Wiki supplies

If you give me a gift' it will be here! Also' tell me how many you give me.

CoinMK8.png X 79 I use this to buy stuff. Spike likes to play with them. I also used them to tame him.

YIDS Coin.jpg X 50 They aren't used for shopping. But they are used to tame Yoshies.

StarBits.png X 46 These are also not used for shopping. They are used to tame lumas.

YTT Apple.jpg X 20One of the Yoshi's favorite foods. I also eat some when hungry.

90px X 21 Worth 10 coins.

90px X 1 Spray this at enemies. I also use it to give my pets a shower.

YoshieggNSMBU.png X 1 A gift from a mysterious friend. He/She said they found it on an island. It looks like it'll hatch in a few days...


Pages I created


Files I uploaded

  • Many plush images.

Yoshi costume Mii plaza.jpg

Toad-Yoshi glitch MPIT.jpg




Files re-uploaded


250pxDiffference:Better quality.

250pxDifference:Better quality.

Pages moved

Files moved

  • 3DS PaperMario 3 char02 E3.png=Kersti PMSS.png

Articles featured

Articles unfeatured

Talk page proposals made.

None at the moment...

Talk page proposals passed

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You may take any of these userboxes except the friend ones. You must also ask for the yoshi fan club one.

Joseph's Userbox Tower
Wii U Logo.svg
MK8 Toad Icon.png
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU.png
Bowser Jr.SFBJ.png
Trump Eggs.jpg


Stickers are little rewards for doing something. A special sticker is a sticker that only one user can get.

Name Photo How to get
Mario sticker 90px Do 5 main space edits in a row. (Not counting redirects.)
Luigi sticker Paper Luigi Jump.png Do 10 main space edits in a row.
Bowser sticker 90px Get Mario and Luigi stickers.
Toad sticker Toad2PMSS.png Upload 3 images in a row.
Blue toad sticker. PMSS - Blue Toad Yay Artwork.png Upload 5 images in a row.
Green toad sticker Green Toad Happy PMSS.png Make 3 redirects in a row.
Purple toad sticker 90px Get all toad stickers.
Toad with bowser tape sticker. ToadPMSS.png Get a Bowser sticker, and a Toad sticker.
Jump sticker. JumpstickerPMSS.png Edit Jump article.
Hammer sticker. HammerstickerPMSS.png Edit Hammer article.
Fire Flower sticker. FireflowerstickerPMSS.png Create a disambiguation page.
Count Bleck sticker CountBleck2 SPM.png Delete an article. (Or put up for deletion, and get it deleted.)
Dimentio sticker DimentioSuperPaperMario.png Create an article.
Fawful Sticker Fawful artwork MLBiS.png Edit anything that has to do with Fawful.

My gallery.

The Mariowiki Game! (Story)

STORY-One day, I was playing Super Smash Bros. Then, a package came. I said, "Oh! That must be my Mewtwo code!" I opened it. In it, was a game. "Huh? I never ordered this. I never even heard of this!" There it was. The Mariowiki game. On it was a note. It said "Dear Joseph, Thank you for helping the Mariowiki! You deserve this special game! Enjoy! -Porplemontage" I put it in my Wii U. It worked. It actually worked! I thought it was fake! When I was creating a file, it asked for my username and password. So then, i saw the intro...

INTRO:The disaster!-My mii was walking. Then, there was an invasion! I got knocked out of the place! I landed in a forest.

BEGINNING:A Familiar Face!-A Goomba fought me! I lost only 1 HP. Then, I came across a big, blue, black, castle! I entered, thinking the villain was in there. I said, "Hello?" Then, two Dark Koopatrols attacked me! The person then came. They said, "Wait a minute. Stop attacking him!" I lost 5 HP from that. They said, "Joseph?" I said, "King Dark Bowser? You have this game too?" King Dark Bowser said, "Yeah!" I said, "Want to join my quest?" King Dark Bowser said, "Okay! Let's go! You! Come with me! And you! Stay here and guard!" KING DARK BOWSER HAS JOINED MY PARTY!!! I said, "To the plains!

CHAPTER 1-The Grass and the Goombas.-Me and King Dark Bowser were walking. Then, four Shy Guys came out of nowhere! We said, "We're outnumbered! What will be do?" Then, the game said we have battle partners. I have Spike, my pet Spiny, and King Dark Bowser has a Dark Koopatrol. It said they assist us. After, we beat them easy! We all lost 2 HP. Then, near the end of the path, a Grand Goomba appeared! It attacked us! I said, "Boss Battle!" After we beat it, it dropped a key. Then, another friend saw us. Me and King Dark Bowser said, "Daemon64? Daemon64 said, "Hi, guys! I don't know how, but I'm a White Shy Guy! Can I join your quest if your going on one?" I said, "Yes we are. And come along!" Daemon64 also said, "I have a Mini Shy Guy as my battle partner." DAEMON64 HAS JOINED MY PARTY!!! Then, we came across a fortress. We entered. In there, there were 5 Goombas and 5 Koopas! Daemon64 said, "We're dead." I said, "We can do it!" We beat them. 5 HP lost, but still did it! Then, I used the key to get in a room. In the room, there was a sign that said, "Find the hidden key! And look up!" We looked up. The ceiling was falling! The doors were locked! To get to the next room, we had to go to the next room. King Dark Bowser said, "HURRY! LET'S FIND THE KEY!!!" We found it, and went to the next room. In there, Goomboss was there. Goomboss said, "Prepare to be destroyed!" We beat the king. King Dark Bowser and Daemon64 said, "Yay! We beat him!" They both then saw me knocken out with 0 HP. Daemon64 said, "Oh, no! He defeated Joseph! Let's go to the nearest town!" King Dark Bowser said, "And I got the Crystal Chip!"

AFTER CHAPTER 1:The Beaten Hero.-We got to the town. They got 6 Mushrooms, and 3 1-Ups at a shop. They healed me. I said, "Thank you for healing me!" King Dark Bowser said, "Your welcome! Come on, team! To Sandy Desert!" END OF CHAPTER!!!


  • Stickers where originally called badges.
  • Joseph has joined fourm!!!!!!!111!!!11!!!!!!!!1one!!!!!!!!!
  • I once tried to tame another spiny, but it defeated me.
  • My dog's birthday is August 4th, 2014.
  • Miiverse has made Joseph a d4nk m3m3r!