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Director's Notes (Paper Yoshi (talk))


Hello, readers, and welcome to the Special Issue LXXV!! This month, each Sub-Team, including the Main Team, is themed around a video game series enjoyed by former Fun Stuff Director Gamefreak75 (talk), to match the issue's number (LXXV = 75 in Roman numerals). The theme for the Pipe Plaza team, as chosen by the Core Staff, is the Pikmin series.

However, as our sections mostly feature factual information, the Pipe Plaza will not include said theme, aside from the lovely picture of the most handsome Yoshi-Pikmin in the world you see on your right.

Section of the Month

The SotM poll from last month got only 10 votes. That's a very low voting turnout, so please be sure to cast your vote in this month's poll!! Additionally, Upcoming Games, written by myself, was mistakenly absent from the poll.

The May Section of the Month, with 4 votes (40% of the total), is...

...Mario Calendar, for the third time!!!

Mario Calendar, written by myself, features a list of all Mario, DK, Yoshi and Wario games released during the month in which the newest issue of The 'Shroom is released. Last month, it covered the games released sometime during May. FunkyK38 (talk) got second place with her Tip of the Month, earning 3 votes (30%), while Projects Seeking Contributors, written by 'Shroom Spotlight Manager YoshiKong (talk), was the third-placed section, with 2 votes (20%).

Well, that's all for these notes!! Now go on and read this issue!! Hope you enjoy it!

Monthly Report (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hey, and welcome to this month's issue of Monthly Report! This is Paper Yoshi, and I'm here once again to show you the Mario Wiki stats from June, May and April, as well as May-June and April-June comparisons.

(Credit goes to Stooben Rooben (talk) and Super Mario Bros. (talk) for the table coding. Stooben originally created it when writing this section back in Issues XXIII, XXV and XXVI, and SMB based his coding for Issues XXXIX, XL and XLI – which I am using in this issue – off of Stooben's coding.)

June Statistics
Statistic As of 9 June 2013 (17:30)*
Content Pages 13,434
All Pages 101,939
Files 45,172
Edits 1,345,458
Edits per Page 13.20
Registered Users 14,760
Active Users 437
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 42
Patrollers 5
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

May Statistics
Statistic As of 12 May 2013 (19:30)*
Content Pages 13,377
All Pages 100,560
Files 44,157
Edits 1,329,691
Edits per Page 13.22
Registered Users 14,570
Active Users 463
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 42
Patrollers 5
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

April Statistics
Statistic As of 13 April 2013 (10:05)*
Content Pages 13,137
All Pages 99,103
Files 43,293
Edits 1,310,760
Edits per Page 13.23
Registered Users 14,342
Active Users 481
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 41
Patrollers 6
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

May — June Statistics
Statistic As of 12 May 2013 (19:30)* As of 9 June 2013 (17:30)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 13,377 13,434 +0.426%
All Pages 100,560 101,939 +1.371%
Files 44,157 45,172 +2.299%
Edits 1,329,691 1,345,458 +1.186%
Edits per Page 13.22 13.20 -0.151%
Registered Users 14,570 14,760 +1.3%
Active Users 463 437 -5.615%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 42 42 0%
Patrollers 5 5 0%
Administrators 10 10 0%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%

April — June Statistics
Statistic As of 13 April 2013 (10:05)* As of 9 June 2013 (17:30)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 13,137 13,434 +2.261%
All Pages 99,103 101,939 +2.862%
Files 43,293 45,172 +4.34%
Edits 1,310,760 1,345,458 +2.647%
Edits per Page 13.23 13.20 -0.227%
Registered Users 14,342 14,760 +2.914%
Active Users 481 437 -9.148%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 41 42 +2.439%
Patrollers 6 5 -16.667%
Administrators 10 10 0%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%
*All times EST.

Community Report (YoshiKong (talk))

Hey and welcome to the Community Report, here to keep you updated on the latest wiki happenings. So during this month on the wiki, there have been some changes in policy. First, our citation policy has been updated to be more comprehensive, up-to-date and better written. Next up, a proposal to ban users from running fictitious stores out of their userspace passed, and the userspace policy was updated in accordance. We have also had a change in how our proposals are archived. Using the old idea of template {{PArchive}}, proposals are now recorded by year in color-coded boxes found on the proposals archive. This method is straightforward, easy to use and makes is easier to locate past proposals.

These are the most recent proposals which have reached a consensus.

And that's all for this month's edition of the Community Report. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the issue!

Forum Update (MrConcreteDonkey (talk))

Welcome to the Forum Update! Yes, there was no forum update - I had important exams (and still do, actually, but look at how devoted I am!). So why don't we not waste any more time with a stupid introduction - I mean, it's not like I ever put anything important in here anyway, and, quite frankly, I think it wastes a lot of time where you could be reading something like what you came here to see (which is probably one of P_Y's sections but that's not exactly my point), as opposed to a long-winded, pointless introduction, which, of all people, I am well known to endorse and support on a regular basis. Well, I say no! Not today! Today we are going to be blunt and to the point in our updating of forum, as we do not want an introduction dominated by pointless cruft and large walls of text that are known to have no point whatsoever to the section and contain a lot of large words which would make somebody sound somewhat smart if they said them with a British accent, such as "kerfuffle" or "whatnot", and would fuel a ridiculous stereotype, such as the stereotype that we all have a posh accent, drink tea and wear top hats and monocles - it's ridiculous! Personally, I detest tea, it fogs up my monocle.


Top Stories
In what some very imaginative minds described as "Promotion Week", Smasher was promoted to an administrator on the Super Mario Boards. It goes without saying that with the promotion of Smasher came the demotion of common sense.

Two updates were made to the rules: first, this...

"NOTE: Rules that are blue in color do not apply to the 'Mindless Junk' board of this forum."

...was changed to this:

"NOTE: Rules that are blue in color are permissive to the 'Mindless Junk' sub-board of the forums. Nonetheless it is encouraged that posts pertaining these rules are made within reason, as a constant disregard for the rules may be met with the appropriate punishment."

And a new rule was added: "15. Multiple high resolution images or embedded videos existing on a single page should be placed in spoilers to avoid negatively affecting the performance of other member's computers."

An update was made the the forum's FAQ, about rotating avatars and signatures.

Baby Yoshi (UltraMario) was banned twice in these two months. His first ban lasted for two weeks and was on April 27, for posting a disturbing image, and making pointless and off-topic posts. He was then banned on May 14th, three days after his last ban expired, for making more pointless, off-topic posts despite multiple warnings and a suspension, and this lasts for thirty days, expiring on June 13th.

Red Koopa Paratroopa (A Paragoomba and the Koopa Bros.) was also banned from exporting drama from the Wiki and antagonizing other users. His ban expires on June 10th, having lasted for two weeks.

Chillv was banned for three weeks on June 4th, for general areas of rule-breaking, though mostly being overly confrontational on certain matters. His ban ends on June 25th, which is also my birthday. Coincidence? I think not...wait, where am I going with this?

In April, 429 topics were made, and, in May, 412 were made, both of which the two lowest amount so far in 2013. 30217 posts were made in April and 30344 were made in May. 27 users joined in April and 25 joined in May, and the largest amounts of people online were 121 and 139 for April and May, respectively.

Smasher (Smasher (talk)) – 46150
MCS (Mileycyrussoulja (talk)) – 30893
Ralph (Ralphfan (talk)) – 26800
Baby Yoshi (UltraMario3000 (talk))– 24922
Gundam Tanaka (Nabber (talk)) – 24875
Phantom L (Lily (talk)) – 20703
Baby Luigi (BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)) – 18281

Neptune 2.0 (Neptune99 (talk)) – 17668
Staraptor (Superjeff64 (talk)) – 17194
Solar Blaze (SolarBlaze (talk)) – 16233

Mason (Puddin (talk)) – 708
Ralph (Ralphfan (talk)) – 598
Gundam Tanaka (Nabber (talk)) – 534
Lario (Lario (talk))– 514
ugozima (Aiko Heiwa (talk)) – 494
Pyro (Pyro (talk)) – 473

Baby Yoshi (UltraMario3000 (talk)) – 459
New Super Mario (New Super Mario (talk)) – 455
'3Kraid (MST3K (talk)) – 453
Sylveon (EctoBiologist (talk)) – 444

Northern Verve (SonicMario (talk)) – 251d 21h
Smasher (Smasher (talk))– 250d 1h 51m

Uniju (Uniju :D (talk)) – 247d 13h 17m
'3Kraid (MST3K (talk)) – 222d 4h 42m
Booker (Gamefreak75 (talk)) – 196d 20h 45m

Time for Timer (Marshal Dan Troop (talk)) – 186d 14h 53m
Mason (Puddin (talk)) – 185d 17h 24m
Copper (Master Crash (talk)) – 176d 19h
Christian Brutal Sniper (Marcelagus (talk)) – 174d 3h 4m
Time Turner (GreenDisaster (talk)) – 148d 21h 35m

Green signifies the user is at a higher position than last month.
Blue signifies the user is at the same position as last month.
Red signifies the user is at a lower position than last month.
Bold signifies the user is a new entry to the top 10. Italics signify the user is banned.

Forum Games
Neither Smasher or Toad85's User Big Brother games have gone anywhere. Well, Nabber was evicted, but, otherwise, there's been no movement. Smasher's been pretty busy hosting Vote to Win: Forum's Choice VI, though. And with his new duties as a mod. But, either way, he still sucks. Even GreenDisaster's User Total Drama Action is on hiatus.

Now, in terms of Mafia, currently ongoing are Stooben's MW Werewolf: Take IV, where even the host has been attacked; Nabber's C9 Mafia, where the phases go as fast as a dead slug; BMB's Homestuck Mafia Disc 2: Alpha Version, where the current phase is moving as fast as C9 Mafia; and, finally, LuigiNo1's Overpowered Mafia, where all the roles are entirely unfair.

  • My Mafia 2101 was won by the Robots.
  • DigiMafia Adventure 02, hosted by GreenDisaster, was won by the Innocents.
  • The Mafia won Magnificent Mafia 2, which was hosted by New Super Mario.
  • Lily x's Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mafia, which was co-hosted by RandomYoshi for the first few phases, was won by the Innocents.
  • Master Crash's Collision Mafia and Rin Kagamine's Rin Kagamine Mafia! (co-hosted by Rocker) were both cancelled before they began. Epic Nitwit cancelled his Muppet Mafia on Night 3.

And so, that's all for this special edition of the Fake News...hold on, this isn't the Fake News. You have read the Fake News, haven't you? Seriously, it's really good, go read it. No, this is the Forum Update. However, this is Gamefreak75's special issue, so I'll leave you with some of the finest quotes from the man himself:

"theres some guy that gives you random treasure"

"what is the usual lunch served at the university"

"are you getting a physical copy or download?"

"one of them could be lucky eggs"

"i prrefer to have physical copies"

"* Gamefreak75 has quit (*.net *.split)"

What a guy.

Projects Seeking Contributors (YoshiKong (talk))

Hey and what's up? Welcome to Projects Seeking Contributors. This section will bring attention to any new and active projects on the wiki where input and general discussion are needed. Let's start with the most active and recent projects seen on the Wiki Collaborations forum board.

Topic Started by... Description
Post Sticky Icon.png Holy Grails Glowsquid
Glowsquid (talk)
A request for valuable information to help expand articles article subjects which are hard to come by. If you are knowledgeable about any content outlined in the thread, then please let us know.
Post Sticky Icon.png 'Shroom Spotlight Hobbes
Henry Tucayo Clay (talk)
Read about the latest updates and progress on the 'Shroom Spotlight project. Users are welcome to post feedback and suggestions for future editions.
Post Normal Icon.png Collab: Empty Section Policy Baby Luigi
BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
A collaboration to help articles comply with the Empty Section Policy.
Post Normal Icon.png COLLABORATION: Image replace-a-thon 2010 of 2013 RAP
RAP (talk)
Coinciding with the User:RAP/test3 project on the wiki, this is a collaboration to help reupload higher quality versions of a list of images. Sign-ups are available on the project talk page.
Post Normal Icon.png Removing redundant categories Mariotime11
Mariotime11 (talk)
Many categories on pages could be replaced with something more specific. For example, "Category:Enemies" and "Category:Luigi's Mansion" would be redundant if there is "Category:Luigi's Mansion Enemies". See the thread for more information.
Post Normal Icon.png Collab: Clean up glitch lists Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch (talk)
Many of the glitch pages are poorly written and out of shape, and collaboration is needed to identify flaws and work to improve them.
Post Normal Icon.png Collab: Relocate In-Game Text on Minigames Hobbes
Henry Tucayo Clay (talk)
Help us incorporate the Game Rules from the Mario Party minigame infoboxes into the articles, according to the guidelines seen in the thread. On top of this task, there are now additional goals which have been added to the collaboration.
Post Normal Icon.png Improving the WarioWare: Smooth Moves page and subjects related to it Glowsquid
Glowsquid (talk)
A collaboration to improve the WarioWare: Smooth Moves article, which is currently lacking basic information, as well as a number of other issues outlined in the thread. This project is also a focus for this month's edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight.
Post Normal Icon.png Collab: Get rid of the years redirects Banon
Banon (talk)
There are many redirects which link to the years subsection in the list of Mario games by date article. But as our policy states, they should be made into proper links.
Post Normal Icon.png Collab: Removing uppercases Banon
Banon (talk)
As per a new guideline, only the first word and proper nouns should be capitalized in article section titles. This is a big change, and we need users to collaborate and get all the articles on the wiki to follow this standard.
Post Normal Icon.png Collaboration: Diddy Kong Racing Course Articles La Marionette
LeftyGreenMario (talk)
A collaboration to expand and improve the Diddy Kong Racing course articles. Help is required in general rewriting and uploading additional images. 
Post Normal Icon.png Request: Figuring out potential Mario reference in Yu-Gi-Oh manga Charmander
Kibago (talk)
A scan of an English Yu-Gi-Oh manga shows a reference which is made to the Mario Bros. The original Japanese page scan is requested, to confirm that that the reference wasn't added only in the unofficial translation. 
Post Normal Icon.png Collaboration: Unstubify Knife
Knife (talk)
A collaboration to help clear the stub list, which is currently at around 140 articles.

And that's it for Wiki Collaborations. Once again, see the forum board for the complete list. Next up, we have the discussions which are currently taking place on article talk pages. These can be seen at Category:Talk pages with unresolved issues. The list is as follows.

Talk page discussion Started by... Description
Template talk:Button RAP (talk) Three suggestions for Template:Button have been put forward for discussion.
Template talk:DidYouKnow RAP (talk) It has been suggested that a page is created where past "Did You Know?" entries are kept archived. Opinions on the idea are required.
Template talk:Distinguish Banon (talk) On Template:Distinguish, the article tends to display two successive dots if games such as Super Mario Bros. are put in the variable. Help us out code a solution.
Talk:Form Baton GBAToad (talk) Discuss whether the article Form Baton should split the microgames to a separate article.
Talk:Green Boo Banon (talk) Discuss whether "Green Boo" is an official name.
Talk:List of glitches in Super Mario Bros. Banon (talk) It has been questioned whether it's actually possible for the Super Mario Bros. game to display a sprite of Small Fire Mario
Talk:List of references in video games GBAToad (talk) A request for finding additional references which may be found in either Tomodachi Collection or Tomodachi Collection: New Life.
Talk:List of Paper Mario beta elements Yoshi876 (talk) The article list of Paper Mario beta elements, being a Featured Article, has a fairly short introduction. Discuss how it can be expanded.
Talk:List of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door beta elements Glowsquid (talk) A source is requested for a piece of info regarding a "sick status effect" seen on the beta elements page of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Talk:Mario & Wario Time Q (talk) An older question from 2008, though it still needs to be resolved. The source of the world names on the Mario & Wario is unknown, and they might not be official names. If you are able to help confirm whether these names are official or not, please post a comment.
Talk:Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters Baconator (talk) Help us find the correct release date for the game Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters. It is believed to be around 1993-1994.
Talk:Player Banon (talk) The Player article has been said to a mess and lacking in a lot of information. It is suggested that the article's current info is split and incorporated to the relevant games, and the article itself is made a redirect to Extra life.
Template talk:LM room infobox GalaxyFan (talk) It has been suggested that a separate roombox template is made for the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon areas.
File talk:SM64DS-First Floor Map.GIF Megadardery (talk) There are two versions of a picture which maps out the first floor of Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 DS. Help us decide which one to keep and which one to delete. 
Talk:Softnica Glowsquid (talk) Discuss the relationship between the companies Softnica and Pax Softnica, including trying to find the correct release date of the company as multiple sources give different dates. A user fluent in Japanese is requested to translate several pages which may give clarification between the two companies.
Category talk:Staff RAP (talk) Category:Staff contains many staff pages, which lists people who worked on a particular game. However, most of the pages only has Nintendo America credited for localizing games. The credits for other regions should be listed as well.
Talk:Venus Ice Trap Banon (talk) Some controversial information regarding the origin of the Venus Ice Trap enemy has been reverted in the past. The current story is that the enemy was originally published on Fantendo in 2010, and letters sent to Nintendo resulted in the enemies appearing in the recent game New Super Mario Bros. U. Discuss whether this information should be included in the article or not.
Talk:Yoshi Banon (talk) Discuss whether the Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is the character Yoshi, or the non-individual Yoshi.

And that's all for this month's Projects Seeking Contributors. If you think you could help out with any of the issues above, please take part in the said discussion taking place. We'll be updating this section next issue with any new discussions that need attention.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Although your userpage is your own space, be careful of what you post on it. Your page shouldn't offend, nor should you give too much of your personal information away to others. Think about what you want others to see, how much you want to reveal, and stick to that limit.

Anniversary Announcements (Superchao (talk))

Hello, Shroom readers! I'm Superchao, stepping in to bring you Anniversary Annoucements after a month's absence!

Most importantly, The polls are up! Drop by to cast your vote on what nominees YOU think should win each award! Guess the Results is also open, so feel free to make your predictions.

In tournament news, two tournaments have been put on the board so far. Groden (talk) and Stooben Rooben (talk) are hosting a Team Fortress 2 tournament, scheduled for July 19th-21st right now. Additionally, a Mario Kart 7 tourney is in the works, hosted by PyroGuy6 (talk) and Lakituthequick (talk).

Additionally, Awards Mafia III will be opening signups soon, hosted by Smasher (talk) and Ralphfan (talk), and a Pokemon tourney is also in the works.

See you next time (maybe), and don't forget to go vote!

Mario Calendar (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Mario Calendar! Once again, I have no news regarding this section to share with you, so let's get going and check all the Mario, DK, Yoshi and Wario games released sometime during June:

Abb. Console/Store
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
N64DD Nintendo 64DD
GCN Nintendo GameCube
Wii Nintendo Wii
GB Game Boy
GBA Game Boy Advance
NDS Nintendo DS
VC Wii Shop - Virtual Console
3DSVC Nintendo eShop - Virtual Console
Abb. Region
NA North America
JP Japan
EU Europe
AU Australia/New Zealand
KO Republic of Korea
CN People's Rep. of China
HK Hong Kong, China
TW Republic of China (Taiwan)

Well, that's all for the Pipe Plaza this month!! Hope all enjoyed it!! See you next month!

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