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Hello, I'm Robecuba. I joined the Mario wiki in March 31, 2013. You can find me editing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon pages.

Robecuba's Userbox Tower
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File:Wii u white.jpg
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Luigi's battle stance
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King Boo, looking at Luigi from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Wii U
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
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Some stuff about me

I am male. I am 14 years old. I have a 3DS, and a Wii.

Mario games I own

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Finished?: Yes

Paper Mario Sticker Star Finished?: Yes

Super Paper Mario Finished?: Yes

Mario Kart 7 Finished?: Yes

Mario Kart Wii Finished?: No

Super Mario 3D Land Finished?: Just need to do special worlds after W5

Super Mario 64 DS Finished?: Finished main story, but I don't have all 120 power stars

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Finished?: I finished it on one file, but I deleted it