Super Mario Land Original Soundtrack

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Back cover of the soundtrack
Super Mario Land Original Soundtrack front cover
Back cover of the soundtrack
Back cover of the soundtrack

The Super Mario Land Original Soundtrack is an album containing the original soundtrack of Super Mario Land, as composed by Hirokazu Tanaka. It was released on September 1, 1989 and was published by Nippon Columbia. The album contains arrangements of Tanaka's compositions written by Ikuro Fugiwara and performed by the so-called "Mario Freaks Orchestra." Nearly all the game's compositions are arranged across nine tracks, while a tenth is a medley with the original 8-bit versions of the cues. The total running time is 34:54 minutes.

Track listing[edit]

# Track title Note Length
1. Mario Adventures I (Main BGM #1) Ground Theme 2:55
2. Mario Adventures II (Main BGM #2) Muda Kingdom theme 3:08
3. Underground Easton Kingdom theme 3:34
4. Shooting Marine Pop and Sky Pop stages 3:13
5. Chinese Chai Kingdom theme 3:25
6. Muteki Invincibility theme 2:29
7. Fight (With the Enemy ~
Enemy Transformation)
Boss theme and Tatanga theme 2:34
8. Oh! Daisy Rescuing Princess Daisy 3:31
9. Ending End credits theme 3:48
10. Super Mario Land Original BGM Medley Medley of original 8-bit compositions 6:17