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A Hammer-bot, rolling along.

Hammer-bots[1] are enemies commonly found in Wario Land 3.

The Hammer-bot is a blue, cubed robot that rides on wheels. If any enemies get near, the Hammer-bot will pull a large, yellow hammer, causing Wario to turn into a spring, which allows him to reach great heights. The Hammer-Bot is considered a large enemy, roughly the size of Wario himself. These large enemies can only be defeated with an upgraded pair of overalls, an upgraded pair of gloves or a powered-up shoulder charge.

In Dr. Mario 64, the Hammer-bot is one of the villains that is encountered throughout Mario and Wario's journey to retrieve the Megavitamins from Mad Scienstein. This is the first and only game where the Hammer-bot is playable, excluding the port in Nintendo Puzzle Collection.

Hammer-bots may be related to the smaller Spear-bots and their derivatives.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンマーロボ[2]
Hammer Robo
Spanish Robo-Martillo Robo-Hammer
French Robo-Marteau Hammer-Robot


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