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Artwork of Hammer-bot from Wario Land 3
Intruders detected! Eliminate. Eliminate.”
Hammer-Bot, Dr. Mario 64

Hammer-bots[1] are enemies commonly found in Wario Land 3. They are functionally similar to the Pogo Guys from Wario Land II. A Hammer-bot also appears in Dr. Mario 64. The Hammer-bot is a blue, cylindrical robot that runs on continuous tracks, and has hammers for arms.


Wario Land 3[edit]


In Wario Land 3, a Hammer-bot moves back and forth on a platform. if Wario is in a Hammer-bot's line of sight, it moves faster and starts swinging its hammers until it reaches a wall or the edge of a platform. If it lands a hit on Wario, he turns into Bouncy Wario, which allows him to reach greater heights than he would with normal jumping. The Hammer-Bot is considered a large enemy, roughly the size of Wario himself. As large enemies, they are more durable than the smaller enemies in this game if Wario is not powered-up when attacking them, but can easily be defeated if he uses a powered-up attack. Hammer-bots are immune to the earthquakes induced from Wario's powered-up smash attack, where they won't be stunned, but instead, they stop in their tracks to move in the other direction.

Hammer-bots appear in the following levels, in the following quantities:

In the game's ending, a Hammer-bot is seen turning into a construction worker, having been cursed by a hidden figure.

Dr. Mario 64[edit]

Hammer-Bot's character select icon for Dr. Mario 64

In Dr. Mario 64, the Hammer-bot is one of the opponents that is encountered throughout Dr. Mario and Wario's journey to retrieve the Megavitamins from Mad Scienstein. After Spearhead and Webber reported about Mad Scienstein being pursued by Dr. Mario and Wario for the Megavitamins, Rudy is confident that Hammer-bot is able to stop them. As both Dr. Mario and Wario approach Rudy's castle, a Hammer-bot stands in their way with Mad Scienstein behind the robot. This results in a battle between the chosen character and Hammer-bot for Easy mode, or a four-way battle between Dr. Mario, Wario, Mad Scienstein, and Hammer-bot in either story for other difficulties. Once all other opponents, including Hammer-bot, are beaten by the player, Mad Scienstein runs off to Rudy's castle with Wario in pursuit (and Dr. Mario if he is the chosen character), leaving the broken Hammer-bot behind. Hammer-bot is also playable in the game's Vs. modes, where its AI difficulty is in the middle, alongside Helio and Lump; this is the only game where the Hammer-bot is playable, excluding the port in Nintendo Puzzle Collection.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンマーロボ[2]
Hammer Robo
Chinese 铁锤人[3]
Tiěchuí Rén
Hammer Man
Dutch Hamerbot[4] Hammer bot
French Robo-marto[5] Literally "Hammer-Robot". "Marto" is an informal spelling of "Marteau" (Hammer) and is also slang referring to a violent or unhinged individual.
German Hammer-Roboter[6]
Italian Robot-martello[7]
Spanish Robo-Martillo


  • On the back cover of Chinese version for Dr. Mario 64, Hammer-Bot, along with Spearhead, Appleby and Octo, were referred as Mad Scienstein's minions.[3]


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