Lumpy (enemy)

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Lumpy (alternatively Lump, formerly Prince Froggy[1]) is a large frog creature that appears in Wario Land 3. They are large grey frogs and are very lazy. Lumpys' purpose is to block Wario's path. Wario must to use a Ground Pound or roll off of a slope to move them or simply find another way. To eliminate a Lumpy, Wario must either be Hot Wario, Vampire Wario, or Ice Skatin' Wario. In either of these, Wario merely has to touch them to be destroyed. They are found in several levels. In the North, they are found in Bank of the Wild River, the West in A Town in Chaos, The Steep Canyon, Above the Clouds and the East in The East Crater and Forest of Fear.

In The Peaceful Village, there exists a red one, known as Red Froggy[2], which unlike the immobile grey ones, is struggling to move upwards from a hole. Once Wario learns how to Ground Pound, he can get past it, by causing it to fly out of the hole via the tremors the Ground Pound causes. It is similar to a Futamogu, but unlike Futamogu, which is ordinarily happy when left alone and angry when stepped upon, Red Froggy is normally angry but looks blissful when stood on, although he also appears to be crying.

In Dr. Mario 64, a single brown Lumpy appears as playable character who was disturbed by either Dr. Mario or Wario, depending on whose storyline is taken.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つまりカエル[3]
Tsumari Kaeru
Clogging Frog