Hoo's Wood 2-4

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Hoo's Wood 2-4
Hoo's Wood 2-4
Level code Hoo's Wood 2-4
World Hoo's Wood
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Hoo's Wood 2
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Hoo's Wood 2-4 is the fourth level of Hoo's Wood in Super Princess Peach.


At the start of the level, it begins autoscrolling up and the player needs to use the ladders to climb upwards. At the top of this section is a Puzzle A Piece 11 and a Warp Pipe. The screen stops scrolling in the next area and the player unlocks the minigame Toad Jump. After a small downhill section the path splits, if the player goes across the platforms on the upper section they reach some Donut Blocks that need to be crossed using the Gloom vibe and lead to a Toad (in post-game, Puzzle E Piece 8 is found); the lower path will go to the Warp Pipe to the next area.

At the start of the next area is a Piranha Plant near a water section with rolling logs and Cheep Cheeps that lead to the next Warp Pipe. Through the Warp Pipe is an area with a swarm of tiny Fangs guarding a Warp Pipe; if the player uses the Rage vibe, the Fangs scatter. Through this Warp Pipe is an area with Goombas and another Toad (in post-game, Puzzle F Piece 8 is found). To the right of this area is a section with Sad Ravens and Spinies and a Warp Pipe. In the next area is a Glad Ptooie and the final Toad before another water section and some platforms that lead to the end of the level (in post-game, [each Voice 3 is found).