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Derekblue1 across NIWA
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Daisy Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga-styled sprite
Nicknames Derek
Position User
Species Human
First appearance Earth
Likes Daisy, Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Ingrid, Dorothea), Fire Emblem Engage (Alfred), Amphibia, The Owl House
Dislikes Carrots
Edit count 1,233
Derekblue1's Userbox Tower
Artwork of Princess Daisy in Mario Kart Tour (later used in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020)
Princess Peach from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Byleth spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Mario Kart Tour App Store icon (version 3.2.0)
Mathletes from Mario Party 5
Icon of Penguin from Dr. Mario World
View of N64 Sherbet Land in Mario Kart Wii

Hi, my name is Derekblue1. I enjoyed Mario games since 2012 with my first game, Mario Kart Wii. When Koopa Troopa was my first favourite character and Yoshi, then Princess Daisy. My favourite themes in levels and tracks are snow-themed due to penguins as my favourite animals.


Debut (2023)

Derek edited on Super Mario Wiki since November 10 2023 starting with editing files. Later, he translated Japanese names on Mario Party Advance with the help of users on Discord, translating the Japanese names for Gaddgets, quests and Shroom City locations.

He focused on Super Princess Peach articles, finding the names of the Puzzle Pieces and investing on editing the Shop section for Super Princess Peach page. He created his first article, History of Princess Daisy, after finding out it exceeded 100KB. His new discussion continues from resolving an issue about splitting history pages that exceed 100KB.


Derek has uploaded media files for List of Mario Pinball Land media. After the release of Princess Peach: Showtime!, he added content about the levels including media files from the Showtime! soundtrack. He created List of Princess Peach: Showtime! media.