Magic Garbage

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“That toxic Koopa trash is turning people into Koopa zombies!”
Luigi, "Recycled Koopa"
Magic Garbage raining from the sky

Magic Garbage[citation needed] is trash left behind in Brooklyn by King Koopa and the Koopa Kids in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 episode "Recycled Koopa". It mutates anyone who comes in contact with it into a Koopa Zombie. Staying away from the garbage results in the victim being changed back to normal.


After King Koopa demands the Koopa Kids to clean up the garbage from his castle, they send it to Princess Toadstool's garden using a Warp Pipe. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool go to King Koopa's castle and take a Koopa Kid's magic wand and use it to send the garbage back. Back at the Mushroom Castle, Mario uses Luigi's Plumber's Periscope and spots several Sledge Brothers dumping the garbage down another Warp Pipe. They hide in the trash boxes and get thrown down the pipe. They find themselves back in Brooklyn, but covered by the Magic Garbage. They witness the people of Brooklyn turn into Koopa Zombies and attempt to clean up the garbage. King Koopa brings his Doom Ship to the Real World and dumps more trash. After this, Mario and Luigi go to build a machine to clean up the garbage. They finish the Trash Smasher shortly after Mario's mutation is complete. With the Trash Smasher, Luigi successfully cleans up all the trash, restoring Mario and the city of Brooklyn to normal. King Koopa tries to dump more garbage, but Mario and Luigi fly close to the Doom Ship using the Trash Smasher to suck up the garbage before it reaches the ground.