Time Attack (Mario Party: Island Tour)

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Time Attack is a minigame mode from Mario Party: Island Tour. It is a single-player mode. The objective of this mode is to beat the ten given minigames in the quickest amount of time, while earning Party Stars from completing the bonus objectives in each minigame. Earning a Party Star will cut three seconds off the player's completion time for that minigame.


Example: MinigameBonus Objective

Some minigames are modified for one-player use. While Magmathon, Slow G, Gyro for the Gold, Quickest Cricket, Blown Hover, Mad Ladders, and Sub Trouble stay the same, No-Traction Action now takes five laps to finish, Tile Savvy now requires five pictures to complete, and Color Me Fast does not finish until five pages are colored in.

In-game description[edit]

"Play 10 minigames, and see how fast you can clear them!"


  • This minigame mode behaves similarly to a minigame mode in Mario Party 9 which also falls under the same name. In both, ten minigames are played through for the fastest time, and bonus objectives successfully completed reduce the total time by three seconds. The only two differences are that the minigames cannot be made in a custom order, and there are default records for the mode, instead of unlockable ones.