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A Challenge Coin[1] is a special type of coin that is found in Super Mario Run. There are three types of Challenge Coins: the Pink Coin, the Purple Coin, and the Black Coin. When the player gets all coins of a type in a stage, that type of Challenge Coin will have a crown on it. Pink Coins are the easiest to collect, Purple Coins are harder to collect, and Black Coins are the hardest to collect. Once the player collects all the Pink Coins, the Purple Coins will be unlocked; once the player collects all the Purple Coins, the Black Coins will be unlocked.

Each Challenge Coin is worth ten Coins. After the first time the player collects all five of the same Challenge Coin in a single run, the player will be rewarded with two Rally Tickets. Additionally, collecting all the Pink, Purple, and Black Coins in Tour mode unlocks the levels Chase the Snaking Coins, Piranha Plant Field, and Make the Cut!, respectively.

Many Pink Coins can be found in Toad Rally levels. When collected, Toads will cheer.



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