Watage Pakkun

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A couple of Nipper Plants, Nipper Spores, and a Watage Pakkun

Watage Pakkun are obstacles in Yoshi's Island DS. They are dandelion-like flowers that are made up of four Nipper Spores. When blown by strong winds (usually caused by a Windbag), a Watage Pakkun releases its Nipper Spores into the air. The spores then fall to the ground and turn into Nipper Plants. An enemy referred to as "Nipper Dandelions" are mentioned briefly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, most likely alluding to this enemy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese わたげパックン[1]
Watage Pakkun
Fluff Piranha
Spanish (NOA) blantita diente de león Nipper Dandelion
Spanish (NOE) Blantita Diente de León Nipper Dandelion
French (NOA) Nipper Pissenlit Nipper Dandelion
French (NOE) Pissenlit Nipper Dandelion Nipper
Dutch Nipper Dandelion -
German Puste-Möchtegern Blow Nipper
Italian Dente di Tenaglia From dente di leone (dandelion) and Pianta Tenaglia (Nipper Plant)
Russian грызодуванчик
Nipper Dandelion