Mario Party 4 (Flash game)

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It has been requested that this article be rewritten and expanded to include all of the minigames and games of fortune featured in the game.

Mario Party 4
Developer Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2002[citation needed]
Genre Party
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single Player
Media HTML
Input mouse and keyboard

Mario Party 4 was an online Flash game that was meant to promote the release of Mario Party 4 on the Nintendo GameCube.


The game features gameplay similar to the traditional Mario Party formula, with the player rolling a Dice Block and moving a certain amount of spaces. Along the way, the different spaces will do similar things to other games in the Mario Party series. The Blue Space will give the player 3 coins and the Red Space will take 3 coins away from the player. The Minigame Space will give the player the option to play a Minigame. There is also an original kind of space, which will give the player the option to play a Game of Fortune. This kind of minigame will allow the player a chance to win more coins if they win, or lose coins if they fail. There are also Item Shop spaces, which contain wallpapers and screensavers players can buy with the coins earned in the game. There are also random elements that occasionally come onto the board to cause trouble. The more common element is the Bob-omb, which will knock the player back a certain amount of spaces. The other element is Baby Bowser, which will inverse the Blue and Red Spaces for 3 turns.


These are triggered when the player lands on a Minigame Space. The player can earn coins if they win these games.

Games of Fortune[edit]

These are minigames triggered when the player lands on a Game of Fortune Space. These minigames allow the player a chance to either earn or lose coins based on their luck, and require coins to play.


The game features 5 simplistic boards, each owned by a different character.