Pinball Fever

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Pinball Fever
Pinball Fever
Appears in Mario Party 4 (Flash game)
Type Game of Fortune

Pinball Fever is a Game of Fortune minigame in the Mario Party 4 Flash game. Despite its name, it is not based on traditional pinball machines but rather a pachinko machine. At the price of one coin, the player can send a ball out, at which point it bounces around the arcade machine until it falls in a hole. The player can win ten or five coins or lose one or five coins. The player can decline to play at any point without losing coins. They can keep taking turns with the machine until they reach three separate coin wins, at which point they are sent back to the game board.

In-game text[edit]

Each Ball costs you ONE Coin! You could win up to 10 coins or lose up to 5 more coins. Click the INSERT COIN button to pull the lever... GOOD LUCK!