List of Yoshi designs in Yoshi's Woolly World

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The following is a list of Yoshi's Woolly World and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World Yoshi designs that are unlocked throughout the game. Most designs are unlocked by collecting Wonder Wool scattered through each level. Other designs are unlocked through scanning certain amiibo, listed below, as well as any variant of the amiibo. Scanning a non-compatible amiibo will result in the generic Green Yoshi amiibo design.

Each Yoshi design is considered to be a specific color, which is the color of yarn produced if they are used as a yarn ball by a co-op partner. In most cases this color is irrelevant, but there are a select few frame objects that require a specific yarn color to be filled in.

In Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, additional designs were added to accommodate for the new amiibo released since the original game. These patterns are exclusive to this game, and the patterns from the original Yoshi's Woolly World can still be used. Additionally, players can customize their Yoshi with their own patterns.

Regular patterns[edit]

Image Unlocked From English Japanese[1] French Spanish German Italian Dutch
YWW Green Yoshi.jpg File 1 default, or clearing World 6-8 in files 2 and 3 Green Yoshi みどりヨッシー Yoshi vert Yoshi verde Grüner-Yoshi Yoshi verde Groene Yoshi
YWW Red Yoshi.jpg Default Red Yoshi あかヨッシー Yoshi rouge Yoshi rojo Roter-Yoshi Yoshi rosso Rode Yoshi
YWW Blue Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Blue Yoshi あおヨッシー Yoshi bleu Yoshi azul Blauer-Yoshi Yoshi blu Blauwe Yoshi
YWW Light-Blue Yoshi.jpg File 3 default, or clearing World 6-8 in files 1 and 2 Light-Blue Yoshi みずいろヨッシー Yoshi bleu ciel Yoshi azul claro Hellblauer-Yoshi Yoshi azzurro Lichtblauwe Yoshi
YWW Yellow Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Yellow Yoshi イエローヨッシー Yoshi jaune Yoshi amarillo Gelber-Yoshi Yoshi giallo Gele Yoshi
YWW Pink Yoshi.jpg File 2 default, or clearing World 6-8 in files 1 and 3 Pink Yoshi ピンクヨッシー Yoshi rose Yoshi rosado Pink-Yoshi Yoshi rosa Roze Yoshi
YWW Orange Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Orange Yoshi オレンジヨッシー Yoshi orange Yoshi naranjado Orangener-Yoshi Yoshi arancione Oranje Yoshi
YWW Purple Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Purple Yoshi むらさきヨッシー Yoshi violet Yoshi morado Lila-Yoshi Yoshi viola Paarse Yoshi
YWW Black Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Black Yoshi くろヨッシー Yoshi noir Yoshi negro Schwarzer-Yoshi Yoshi nero Zwarte Yoshi
YWW White Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 White Yoshi しろヨッシー Yoshi blanc Yoshi blanco Weißer-Yoshi Yoshi bianco Witte Yoshi
YWW 1-1 Flower Yoshi.jpg World 1-1 Flower Yoshi フラワーヨッシー Yoshi fleur Yoshi flor Blumen-Yoshi Yoshi fiore Blije-Bloem-Yoshi
YWW 1-2 Treetop Yoshi.jpg World 1-2 Treetop Yoshi もりのヨッシー Yoshi canopée (NOA)
Yoshi des cîmes (NOE)
Yoshi forestal (NOA)
Yoshi árbol (NOE)
Wald-Yoshi Yoshi arboreo Boomblad-Yoshi
YWW 1-3 Circus Yoshi.jpg World 1-3 Circus Yoshi キャンディーヨッシー Yoshi cirque Yoshi circense Bonbon-Yoshi Yoshi caramella Circus-Yoshi
YWW 1-4 Hot Cocoa Yoshi.jpg World 1-4 Hot Cocoa Yoshi カフェヨッシー Yoshi chocolat chaud (NOA)
Yoshi cappuccino (NOE)
Yoshi chocolate Kakao-Yoshi Yoshi caffè Mokka-Yoshi
YWW 1-5 Moo Moo Yoshi.jpg World 1-5 Moo Moo Yoshi もーもーヨッシー Yoshi Meuh Meuh (NOA)
Yoshi meuh meuh (NOE)
Yoshi vaquita Kuh-Yoshi Yoshi muu muu Koe-Yoshi
YWW 1-6 Shy Guy Yoshi.jpg World 1-6 Shy Guy Yoshi ヘイホーヨッシー Yoshi Maskache (NOA)
Yoshi Maskass (NOE)
Yoshi Shy guy Shy Guy-Yoshi Yoshi Tipo Timido Shy Guy-Yoshi
YWW 1-7 Yoshimelon.jpg World 1-7 Yoshimelon スイカヨッシー Yoshi melon d'eau (NOA)
Yoshi pastèque (NOE)
Yoshi sandía Melonen-Yoshi Yoshi cocomero Watermeloen-Yoshi
YWW 1-8 Burt the Yoshi.jpg World 1-8 Burt the Yoshi ドンブリヨッシー Yoshi Gros Bélixo (NOA)
Yoshi Bélixo (NOE)
Yoshi Inflonte Xilebo-Yoshi Yoshi Pallone Gonfiato Burt-Yoshi
YWW 1-S Wii U Yoshi.jpg World 1-S Wii U Deluxe Yoshi (NOA)
Wii U Yoshi (NOE)
Wii U ヨッシー Yoshi Wii U Deluxe (NOA)
Yoshi Wii U (NOE)
Yoshi Wii U Deluxe (NOA)
Yoshi Wii U (NOE)
Wii U-Yoshi Yoshi Wii U Wii U-Yoshi
YWW 2-1 Safari Yoshi.jpg World 2-1 Safari Yoshi デザートヨッシー Yoshi savane Yoshi safari Wüsten-Yoshi Yoshi safari Safari-Yoshi
YWW 2-2 Cinnamon Yoshi.jpg World 2-2 Cinnamon Yoshi しましまヨッシー Yoshi cannelle (NOA)
Yoshi zébré (NOE)
Yoshi canela Lollipop-Yoshi Yoshi chic Zuurstok-Yoshi
YWW 2-3 Citrus Yoshi.jpg World 2-3 Citrus Yoshi シトラスヨッシー Yoshi agrume Yoshi cítrico Zitrus-Yoshi Yoshi agrume Sinaasappel-Yoshi
YWW 2-4 Ashen Yoshi.jpg World 2-4 Ashen Yoshi チェックヨッシー Yoshi cendres Yoshi ceniciento Asche-Yoshi Yoshi cenere As-Yoshi
YWW 2-5 Poochy Yoshi.jpg World 2-5 Poochy Yoshi ポチヨッシー Yoshi Poochy Yoshi Poochy Schnuffel-Yoshi Yoshi Poochy Poochy-Yoshi
YWW 2-6 Flame Yoshi.jpg World 2-6 Flame Yoshi かざんヨッシー Yoshi flamme Yoshi flama Vulkan-Yoshi Yoshi vulcano Vlammen-Yoshi
YWW 2-7 Skeleton Yoshi.jpg World 2-7 Skeleton Yoshi ほねヨッシー Yoshi squelette Yoshi esqueleto Skelett-Yoshi Yoshi scheletro Skelet-Yoshi
YWW 2-8 Bunson the Yoshi.jpg World 2-8 Bunson the Yoshi ホットドッグんヨッシー Yoshi Chôchô (NOA)
Yoshi Hot Dog (NOE)
Yoshi Quincán Hotdog-Yoshi Yoshi Fuocofacile Bunson-Yoshi
YWW 2-S Wii Yoshi.jpg World 2-S Wii Yoshi Wii ヨッシー Yoshi Wii Yoshi Wii Wii-Yoshi Yoshi Wii Wii-Yoshi
YWW 3-1 Cookie Yoshi.jpg World 3-1 Cookie Yoshi クッキーヨッシー Yoshi cookie Yoshi galleta Cookie-Yoshi Yoshi cioccobiscotto Koekjes-Yoshi
YWW 3-2 Playtime Yoshi.jpg World 3-2 Playtime Yoshi おもちゃヨッシー Yoshi jouet Yoshi juguetón Spielzeug-Yoshi Yoshi giocattolo Speelgoed-Yoshi
YWW 3-3 Scarf Roll Yoshi.jpg World 3-3 Scarf Roll Yoshi よじよじヨッシー Yoshi écharpe Yoshi bufanda Schal-Yoshi Yoshi gira gira Sjaal-Yoshi
YWW 3-4 Yogurt Yoshi.jpg World 3-4 Yogurt Yoshi パステルヨッシー Yoshi pastel Yoshi yogur Pastell-Yoshi Yoshi pastello Yoghurt-Yoshi
YWW 3-5 Fluffin' Puffin Yoshi.jpg World 3-5 Fluffin' Puffin Yoshi わたがーもヨッシー Yoshi Cot-Coton Yoshi Pioluche Flauschvogel-Yoshi Yoshi Sofficioccolo Fluffin' Puffin-Yoshi
YWW 3-6 Pound Post Yoshi.jpg World 3-6 Pound Post Yoshi ぐるぐるヨッシー Yoshi poteau Yoshi poste Pfosten-Yoshi Yoshi tagliaerba Stamppaal-Yoshi
YWW 3-7 Candyfloss Yoshi.jpg World 3-7 Cotton Candy Yoshi (NOA)
Candyfloss Yoshi (NOE)
レインボーヨッシー Yoshi arc-en-ciel Yoshi algodón de azúcar Regenbogen-Yoshi Yoshi arcobaleno Suikerspin-Yoshi
YWW 3-8 Miss Cluck the Yoshi.jpg World 3-8 Miss Cluck the Yoshi コッコさんヨッシー Yoshi Cotclaudette Yoshi Cascarronda Gluckuhn-Yoshi Yoshi Coccò Miss Cluck-Yoshi
YWW 3-S GameCube Yoshi.jpg World 3-S GameCube Yoshi ゲームキューブヨッシー Yoshi GameCube Yoshi GameCube GameCube-Yoshi Yoshi GameCube GameCube-Yoshi
YWW 4-1 Jungle Yoshi.jpg World 4-1 Jungle Yoshi ジャングルヨッシー Yoshi jungle Yoshi selvático Dschungel-Yoshi Yoshi giungla Jungle-Yoshi
YWW 4-2 Lakitu Yoshi.jpg World 4-2 Lakitu Yoshi ジュゲムヨッシー Yoshi Lakitu Yoshi Lakitu Lakitu-Yoshi Yoshi Lakitu Lakitu-Yoshi
YWW 4-3 Apple Yoshi.jpg World 4-3 Apple Yoshi リンゴヨッシー Yoshi pomme Yoshi manzana Apfel-Yoshi Yoshi mela Appel-Yoshi
YWW 4-4 Aqua Yoshi.jpg World 4-4 Aqua Yoshi ウォーターヨッシー Yoshi aquatique Yoshi acuático Wasser-Yoshi Yoshi acquatico Akwa-Yoshi
YWW 4-5 Camo Yoshi.jpg World 4-5 Camo Yoshi カモフラヨッシー Yoshi camouflage Yoshi camuflado Tarn-Yoshi Yoshi mimetico Camouflage-Yoshi
YWW 4-6 Night-time Yoshi.jpg World 4-6 Nighttime Yoshi (NOA)
Night-time Yoshi (NOE)
ナイトヨッシー Yoshi nocturne Yoshi nocturno Nacht-Yoshi Yoshi notturno Nacht-Yoshi
YWW 4-7 Leopard Yoshi.jpg World 4-7 Leopard Yoshi ワイルドヨッシー Yoshi léopard Yoshi leopardo Leoparden-Yoshi Yoshi selvatico Luipaard-Yoshi
YWW 4-8 Naval Piranha Yoshi.jpg World 4-8 Naval Piranha Yoshi パックンヨッシー Yoshi Ultra Piranha Yoshi Piraña Fluvial Piranha-Yoshi Yoshi Piranha Ombelico Naval Piranha-Yoshi
YWW 4-S Nintendo 64 Yoshi.jpg World 4-S Nintendo 64 Yoshi ロクヨンヨッシー Yoshi N64 Yoshi N64 Nintendo 64-Yoshi Yoshi Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64-Yoshi
YWW 5-1 Alpine Yoshi.jpg World 5-1 Alpine Yoshi ウィンターヨッシー Yoshi alpin Yoshi alpino Winter-Yoshi Yoshi invernale Alpen-Yoshi
YWW 5-2 Glacier Yoshi.jpg World 5-2 Glacier Yoshi アイスヨッシー Yoshi glaçon Yoshi glacial Gletscher-Yoshi Yoshi glaciale Gletsjer-Yoshi
YWW 5-3 Panda Yoshi.jpg World 5-3 Panda Yoshi パンダヨッシー Yoshi panda Yoshi panda Panda-Yoshi Yoshi panda Panda-Yoshi
YWW 5-4 Frostbite Yoshi.jpg World 5-4 Frostbite Yoshi ボーダーヨッシー Yoshi polaire Yoshi polar Eis-Yoshi Yoshi polare Vrieskou-Yoshi
YWW 5-5 Star Yoshi.jpg World 5-5 Star Yoshi スターヨッシー Yoshi étoile Yoshi estrella Stern-Yoshi Yoshi stellato Sterren-Yoshi
YWW 5-6 Trousers Yoshi.jpg World 5-6 Trousers Yoshi ズボンヨッシー Yoshi pantalon Yoshi pantalones Hosen-Yoshi Yoshi pantaloni Broek-Yoshi
YWW 5-7 Blizzard Yoshi.jpg World 5-7 Blizzard Yoshi スポーツヨッシー Yoshi sports d'hiver Yoshi ventisca Frost-Yoshi Yoshi bufera Sneeuwstorm-Yoshi
YWW 5-8 Snifberg the Yoshi.jpg World 5-8 Snifberg the Yoshi アイスムーチョヨッシー Yoshi Glafit Yoshi Friolfiti Eis-Snifit-Yoshi Yoshi il Freddoloso Snifberg-Yoshi
YWW 5-S Super NES Yoshi.jpg
Super NES Yoshi (NOA).png
World 5-S
Top (Europe, Japan)
Bottom (North America)
Super NES Yoshi スーファミヨッシー Yoshi Super Nintendo Yoshi SNES SNES-Yoshi Yoshi Super Nes SNES-Yoshi
YWW 6-1 Sunset Yoshi.jpg World 6-1 Sunset Yoshi ゆうやけヨッシー Yoshi soir d'été Yoshi atardecer Abendhimmel-Yoshi Yoshi tramonto Zonsondergang-Yoshi
YWW 6-2 Hornet Yoshi.jpg World 6-2 Hornet Yoshi イナズマヨッシー Yoshi électrique Yoshi avispón Blitz-Yoshi Yoshi fulmine Wespen-Yoshi
YWW 6-3 Lava Yoshi.jpg World 6-3 Lava Yoshi ホットヨッシー Yoshi magma Yoshi lava Lava-Yoshi Yoshi lava Lava-Yoshi
YWW 6-4 Bubblegum Yoshi.jpg World 6-4 Bubblegum Yoshi ドットヨッシー Yoshi à pois Yoshi chicle Kaugummi-Yoshi Yoshi a pois Bubbelgum-Yoshi
YWW 6-5 Spooky Yoshi.jpg World 6-5 Spooky Yoshi ナイトメアヨッシー Yoshi Halloween Yoshi tétrico Grusel-Yoshi Yoshi incubo Griezel-Yoshi
YWW 6-6 Painty Yoshi.jpg World 6-6 Painty Yoshi ペイントヨッシー Yoshi gribouillis Yoshi pincelado Farbklecks-Yoshi Yoshi imbrattato Verf-Yoshi
YWW 6-7 Kamek Yoshi.jpg World 6-7 Kamek Yoshi カメックヨッシー Yoshi Kamek Yoshi Kamek Kamek-Yoshi Yoshi Kamek Kamek-Yoshi
YWW 6-8 Baby Bowser Yoshi.jpg World 6-8 Baby Bowser Yoshi ベビィクッパヨッシー Yoshi Bébé Bowser Yoshi Bebé Bowser Baby Bowser-Yoshi Yoshi Baby Bowser Baby Bowser-Yoshi
YWW 6-S NES Yoshi.jpg
NES Yoshi (Japan).png
World 6-S
Top (Europe, North America)
Bottom (Japan)
NES Yoshi ファミコンヨッシー Yoshi NES Yoshi NES NES-Yoshi Yoshi NES NES-Yoshi
YWW Boss Tent - Bronze Yoshi.jpg Boss Tent Bronze Yoshi どうのヨッシー Yoshi bronze Yoshi bronce Brozener-Yoshi Yoshi bronzeo Bronzen Yoshi
YWW Boss Tent - Silver Yoshi.jpg Boss Tent Silver Yoshi ぎんのヨッシー Yoshi argent Yoshi plata Silberner-Yoshi Yoshi argentato Zilveren Yoshi
YWW Boss Tent - Gold Yoshi.jpg Boss Tent Gold Yoshi きんのヨッシー Yoshi or Yoshi oro Goldener-Yoshi Yoshi dorato Gouden Yoshi
YWW Craft Island-S Shiny Platinum Yoshi.jpg World ★-S Shiny Platinum Yoshi オーロラヨッシー Yoshi étincelant Yoshi iridiscente Platin-Yoshi Yoshi aurora Platina Yoshi

amiibo patterns[edit]

Image amiibo English Japanese French Spanish German Italian Dutch
YWW Yoshi Amiibo Yoshi.jpg Yoshi amiibo Yoshi ヨッシー Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi
YWW Amiibo Yoshi.jpg Any non-compatible amiibo amiibo Yoshi amiiboヨッシー Yoshi amiibo Yoshi amiibo amiibo-Yoshi Yoshi amiibo amiibo-Yoshi
Bowser Yoshi.png Bowser amiibo Bowser Yoshi クッパ Yoshi Bowser Yoshi Bowser Bowser-Yoshi Yoshi Bowser Bowser-Yoshi
Bowserjr-yoshi.png Bowser Jr. amiibo Bowser Jr. Yoshi クッパ Jr. Yoshi Bowser Jr. Yoshi Bowser Jr. (NOA)
Yoshi Bowsy (NOE)
Bowser Jr.-Yoshi Yoshi Bowser Junior Bowser Jr.-Yoshi
Captain Yoshi.jpg Captain Falcon amiibo Captain Falcon Yoshi キャプテン・ファルコン Yoshi Capitaine Falcon (NOA)
Yoshi Captain Falcon (NOE)
Yoshi Capitán Falcon (NOA)
Yoshi Captain Falcon (NOE)
Captain Falcon-Yoshi Yoshi Captain Falcon Captain Falcon-Yoshi
Dark Pit Yoshi.png Dark Pit amiibo Dark Pit Yoshi ブラックピット Yoshi Pit maléfique Yoshi Pit Sombrío Finsterer Pit-Yoshi Yoshi Pit oscuro Dark Pit-Yoshi
Diddy Kong Yoshi.png Diddy Kong amiibo Diddy Kong Yoshi ディディーコング Yoshi Diddy Kong Yoshi Diddy Kong Diddy Kong-Yoshi Yoshi Diddy Kong Diddy Kong-Yoshi
Dk-amiibo-yoshi.png Donkey Kong amiibo Donkey Kong Yoshi ドンキーコング Yoshi Donkey Kong Yoshi Donkey Kong Donkey Kong-Yoshi Yoshi Donkey Kong Donkey Kong-Yoshi
Drmario-yoshi.png Dr. Mario amiibo Dr. Mario Yoshi ドクターマリオ Yoshi Dr. Mario Yoshi Dr. Mario Dr. Mario-Yoshi Yoshi Dr. Mario Dr. Mario-Yoshi
Duck Hunt Yoshi.png Duck Hunt amiibo Duck Hunt Yoshi (NOA)
Duck Hunt Duo Yoshi (NOE)
ダックハント Yoshi Duck Hunt (NOA)
Yoshi Duo Duck Hunt (NOE)
Yoshi Duck Hunt (NOA)
Yoshi Dúo Duck Hunt (NOE)
Duck-Hunt-Duo-Yoshi Yoshi Duo Duck Hunt Duck Hunt-Duo-Yoshi
Falco Yoshi.png Falco Lombardi amiibo Falco Yoshi ファルコ Yoshi Falco Yoshi Falco Falco-Yoshi Yoshi Falco Falco-Yoshi
Fox Yoshi.png Fox McCloud amiibo Fox Yoshi フォックス Yoshi Fox Yoshi Fox Fox-Yoshi Yoshi Fox Fox-Yoshi
Ganondorf Yoshi.png Ganondorf amiibo Ganondorf Yoshi ガノンドロフ Yoshi Ganondorf Yoshi Ganondorf Ganondorf-Yoshi Yoshi Ganondorf Ganondorf-Yoshi
Ike Yoshi.jpg Ike amiibo Ike Yoshi アイク Yoshi Ike Yoshi Ike Ike-Yoshi Yoshi Ike Ike-Yoshi
Inkling Boy Yoshi.png Blue/Purple/Green Inkling Boy amiibo (Wii U)
Blue/Green Inkling Boy amiibo (3DS)
Inkling Boy Yoshi インクリングスボーイ Yoshi garçon Inkling Yoshi Inkling chico Inkling-Junge-Yoshi Yoshi ragazzo Inkling Inkling-jongen-Yoshi
Inkling Girl Yoshi.png Orange/Green/Pink Inkling Girl amiibo (Wii U)
Orange/Pink Inkling Girl amiibo (3DS)
Inkling Girl Yoshi インクリングスガール Yoshi fille Inkling Yoshi Inkling chica Inkling-Mädchen-Yoshi Yoshi ragazza Inkling Inkling-meisje-Yoshi
Inkling Squid Yoshi.png Green/Orange/Purple Inkling Squid amiibo (Wii U)
Green/Purple Inkling Squid amiibo (3DS)
Inkling Squid Yoshi インクリングス Yoshi calamar Inkling Yoshi Inkling calamar Inkling-Tintenfisch-Yoshi Yoshi calamaro Inkling Inkling-inktvis-Yoshi
King Dedede Yoshi.png King Dedede amiibo King Dedede Yoshi デデデ大王 Yoshi Roi DaDiDou Yoshi Rey Dedede König Dedede-Yoshi Yoshi King Dedede King Dedede-Yoshi
Kirby Yoshi.png Kirby amiibo Kirby Yoshi カービィ Yoshi Kirby Yoshi Kirby Kirby-Yoshi Yoshi Kirby Kirby-Yoshi
Link Yoshi.png Link amiibo Link Yoshi リンク Yoshi Link Yoshi Link Link-Yoshi Yoshi Link Link-Yoshi
Little Mac Yoshi.png Little Mac amiibo Little Mac Yoshi リトル・マック Yoshi Little Mac Yoshi Little Mac Little Mac-Yoshi Yoshi Little Mac Little Mac-Yoshi
Lucina Yoshi.jpg Lucina amiibo Lucina Yoshi ルキナ Yoshi Lucina Yoshi Lucina Lucina-Yoshi Yoshi Lucina Lucina-Yoshi
Luigi Yoshi.png Luigi amiibo Luigi Yoshi ルイージ Yoshi Luigi Yoshi Luigi Luigi-Yoshi Yoshi Luigi Luigi-Yoshi
Mario-amiibo-yoshi.png Mario amiibo, Gold Mario amiibo, Silver Mario amiibo, 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo Mario Yoshi マリオ Yoshi Mario Yoshi Mario Mario-Yoshi Yoshi Mario Mario-Yoshi
Marth Yoshi.png Marth amiibo Marth Yoshi マルス Yoshi Marth Yoshi Marth Marth-Yoshi Yoshi Marth Marth-Yoshi
Mega Man Yoshi.png Mega Man amiibo Mega Man Yoshi ロックマン Yoshi Mega Man Yoshi Mega Man Mega Man-Yoshi Yoshi Mega Man Mega Man-Yoshi
Meta Knight Yoshi.jpg Meta Knight amiibo Meta Knight Yoshi メタナイト Yoshi Meta Knight Yoshi Meta Knight Meta-Knight-Yoshi Yoshi Meta Knight Meta Knight-Yoshi
Mii Brawler Yoshi.png Mii Brawler amiibo Mii Brawler Yoshi Mii 格闘タイプ Yoshi Boxeur Mii Yoshi Peleador Mii (NOA)
Yoshi Karateka Mii (NOE)
Mii-Boxer-Yoshi Yoshi Lottatore Mii Mii-Bokser-Yoshi
Mii Gunner Yoshi.png Mii Gunner amiibo Mii Gunner Yoshi Mii 射撃タイプ Yoshi Tireur Mii Yoshi Tirador Mii Mii-Schütze-Yoshi Yoshi Fuciliere Mii Mii-Cyborg-Yoshi
Mii Swordfighter Yoshi.png Mii Swordfighter amiibo Mii Swordfighter Yoshi (NOA)
Mii Sword Fighter Yoshi (NOE)
Mii 剣術タイプ Yoshi Épéiste Mii Yoshi Espadachín Mii Mii-Schwertkämpfer-Yoshi Yoshi Spadaccino Mii Mii-Zwaardvechter-Yoshi
Mr Game and Watch Yoshi.png Mr. Game & Watch amiibo Mr. Game & Watch Yoshi Mr.ゲーム&ウォッチ Yoshi Mr. Game & Watch Yoshi Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch-Yoshi Yoshi Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch-Yoshi
Ness Yoshi.jpg Ness amiibo Ness Yoshi ネス Yoshi Ness Yoshi Ness Ness-Yoshi Yoshi Ness Ness-Yoshi
Olimar-yoshi.png Olimar amiibo Olimar Yoshi オリマー Yoshi Olimar Yoshi Olimar Olimar-Yoshi Yoshi Olimar Olimar-Yoshi
PAC-MAN Yoshi.png Pac-Man amiibo PAC-MAN Yoshi パックマン Yoshi PAC-MAN Yoshi PAC-MAN PAC-MAN-Yoshi Yoshi PAC-MAN PAC-MAN-Yoshi
Palutena Yoshi.jpg Palutena amiibo Palutena Yoshi パルテナ Yoshi Paluténa (NOA)
Yoshi Palutena (NOE)
Yoshi Palutena Palutena-Yoshi Yoshi Palutena Palutena-Yoshi
Peach-amiibo-yoshi.png Princess Peach amiibo Peach Yoshi ピーチ Yoshi Peach Yoshi Peach Peach-Yoshi Yoshi Peach Peach-Yoshi
Pit Yoshi.png Pit amiibo Pit Yoshi ピット Yoshi Pit Yoshi Pit Pit-Yoshi Yoshi Pit Pit-Yoshi
R.O.B. Yoshi (International).png R.O.B. amiibo (International) R.O.B. Yoshi ロボット Yoshi R.O.B. Yoshi R.O.B. R.O.B.-Yoshi Yoshi R.O.B. R.O.B.-Yoshi
Japan ROB Yoshi.jpg R.O.B. amiibo (Japan) R.O.B. Yoshi ロボット Yoshi R.O.B. Yoshi R.O.B. R.O.B.-Yoshi Yoshi R.O.B. R.O.B.-Yoshi
Robin Yoshi.jpg Robin amiibo Robin Yoshi ルフレ Yoshi Robin (NOA)
Yoshi Daraen (NOE)
Yoshi Robin (NOA)
Yoshi Daraen (NOE)
Daraen-Yoshi Yoshi Daraen Robin-Yoshi
Rosalina Yoshi.jpg Rosalina amiibo Rosalina Yoshi ロゼッタ Yoshi Rosalina (NOA)
Yoshi Harmonie (NOE)
Yoshi Rosalina (NOA)
Yoshi Estela (NOE)
Rosalina-Yoshi Yoshi Rosalinda Rosalina-Yoshi
YWW Samus Yoshi.jpg Samus Aran amiibo Samus Yoshi サムス Yoshi Samus Yoshi Samus Samus-Yoshi Yoshi Samus Samus-Yoshi
Sheik Yoshi.png Sheik amiibo Sheik Yoshi シーク Yoshi Sheik Yoshi Sheik Shiek-Yoshi Yoshi Sheik Sheik-Yoshi
Shulk Yoshi.jpg Shulk amiibo Shulk Yoshi シュルク Yoshi Shulk Yoshi Shulk Shulk-Yoshi Yoshi Shulk Shulk-Yoshi
Sonic Yoshi.jpg Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo Sonic Yoshi (NOA)
Sonic the Hedgehog Yoshi (NOE)
ソニック Yoshi Sonic (NOA)
Yoshi Sonic the Hedgehog (NOE)
Yoshi Sonic (NOA)
Yoshi Sonic the Hedgehog (NOE)
Sonic the Hedgehog-Yoshi Yoshi Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog-Yoshi
Toad Yoshi.png Toad amiibo Toad Yoshi キノピオ Yoshi Toad Yoshi Toad Toad-Yoshi Yoshi Toad Toad-Yoshi
Toon Link Yoshi.png Toon Link amiibo Toon Link Yoshi トゥーンリンク Yoshi Link Cartoon Yoshi Toon Link Toon Link-Yoshi Yoshi Link cartone Toon Link-Yoshi
Villager Yoshi.png Villager amiibo Villager Yoshi むらびと Yoshi Habitant (NOA)
Yoshi Villageois (NOE)
Yoshi Aldeano Bewohner-Yoshi Yoshi Abitante Dorpsbewoner-Yoshi
Wario Yoshi.png Smash Bros./Super Mario Wario amiibo (Wii U)
Smash Bros. Wario amiibo (3DS)
Wario Yoshi (Wii U)
Smash Wario Yoshi (NOA)
Smash Bros. Wario Yoshi (NOE) (3DS)
ワリオ Yoshi Wario (Wii U)
Yoshi Wario Smash Bros. (3DS)
Yoshi Wario (Wii U)
Yoshi Wario Smash (NOA)
Yoshi Wario (Smash Bros.) (NOE) (3DS)
Wario-Yoshi (Wii U)
Wario-Yoshi (Smash Bros.) (3DS)
Yoshi Wario (Wii U)
Yoshi Wario Smash Bros. (3DS)
Wario-Yoshi (Wii U)
Wario-Yoshi (Smash Bros.) (3DS)
Wii Fit Trainer Yoshi.png Wii Fit Trainer amiibo Wii Fit Trainer Yoshi Wii Fit トレーナー Yoshi Entraîneuse Wii Fit Yoshi Enternadora de Wii Fit Wii Fit-Trainerin-Yoshi Yoshi Trainer di Wii Fit Wii Fit-Trainer-Yoshi
Zelda Yoshi.png Zelda amiibo Zelda Yoshi ゼルダ Yoshi Zelda Yoshi Zelda Zelda-Yoshi Yoshi Zelda Zelda-Yoshi
Zero Suit Samus Yoshi.png Zero Suit Samus amiibo Zero Suit Samus Yoshi ゼロスーツサムス Yoshi Samus sans combinaison (NOA)
Yoshi Samus sans armure (NOE)
Yoshi Samus Zero Zero Suit Samus-Yoshi Yoshi Samus Tuta Zero Zero Suit Samus-Yoshi

Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World-exclusive patterns[edit]

Image Amiibo English Japanese French Spanish German Italian Dutch
Blathers Yoshi.PNG Blathers amiibo, Blathers amiibo card 202 Blathers Yoshi フータ Yoshi Thibou Yoshi Sócrates Eugen-Yoshi Yoshi Blatero Blathers-Yoshi
Boo Yoshi.PNG Boo amiibo Boo Yoshi テレサ Yoshi Boo Yoshi Bú (NOA)
Yoshi Boo (NOE)
Buu Huu-Yoshi Yoshi Boo Boo-Yoshi
Callie Yoshi.PNG Callie amiibo Callie Yoshi アオリ Yoshi Ayo Yoshi Mar Aioli-Yoshi Yoshi Stella Callie-Yoshi
Celeste Yoshi.PNG Celeste amiibo, Celeste amiibo card 305 Celeste Yoshi フーコ Yoshi Céleste Yoshi Estela (NOA)
Yoshi Estela (Animal Crossing) (NOE)
Eufemia-Yoshi Yoshi Estela Celeste-Yoshi
Corrin Yoshi.PNG Corrin (Player 1 or 2) amiibo Corrin Yoshi カムイ Yoshi Corrin Yoshi Corrin Corrin-Yoshi Yoshi Corrin Corrin-Yoshi
Cyrus Yoshi.PNG Cyrus amiibo, Cyrus amiibo card 210 Cyrus Yoshi カイゾー Yoshi Serge Yoshi Al Björn-Yoshi Yoshi Merino Cyrus-Yoshi
Daisy Yoshi.PNG Princess Daisy amiibo Daisy Yoshi デイジー Yoshi Daisy Yoshi Daisy Daisy-Yoshi Yoshi Daisy Daisy-Yoshi
Digby Yoshi.PNG Digby amiibo, Digby amiibo cards 009, 213 Digby Yoshi ケント Yoshi Max Yoshi Candrés Moritz-Yoshi Yoshi Fofò Digby-Yoshi
Green Inkling Girl Yoshi.PNG Green Inkling Girl amiibo Green Inkling Girl Yoshi ガール【ライムグリーン】 Yoshi fille Inkling vert clair Yoshi Inkling chica - verde lima (NOA)
Yoshi Inkling chica (lima) (NOE)
Grüner Inkling-Mädchen-Yoshi Yoshi ragazza Inkling verde Groene Inkling-meisje-Yoshi
Kapp'n Yoshi.PNG Kapp'n amiibo, Kapp'n amiibo card 005 Kapp'n Yoshi かっぺい Yoshi Amiral Yoshi Capitán Käpten-Yoshi Yoshi Remo Kapp'n-Yoshi
Kicks Yoshi.PNG Kicks amiibo, Kicks amiibo card 103 Kicks Yoshi シャンク Yoshi Blaise Yoshi Betunio Schubert-Yoshi Yoshi Sciuscià Kicks-Yoshi
K.K. Yoshi.PNG K.K. amiibo, DJ K.K. amiibo card 003, K.K. amiibo cards 101, CP K.K. Yoshi とたけけ Yoshi Kéké Yoshi Totakeke K.K.-Yoshi Yoshi K.K. K.K.-Yoshi
Lottie Yoshi.PNG Lottie amiibo, Lottie amiibo cards 017, 311 Lottie Yoshi タクミ Yoshi Lou Yoshi Nuria Karlotta-Yoshi Yoshi Casimira Lottie-Yoshi
Lucas Yoshi.PNG Lucas amiibo Lucas Yoshi リュカ Yoshi Lucas Yoshi Lucas Lucas-Yoshi Yoshi Lucas Lucas-Yoshi
Mabel Yoshi.PNG Mabel amiibo, Mabel amiibo card 207 Mabel Yoshi きぬよ Yoshi Layette Yoshi Pili Tina-Yoshi Yoshi Agostina Mabel-Yoshi
Marie Yoshi.PNG Marie amiibo Marie Yoshi ホタル Yoshi Oly Yoshi Tina Limone-Yoshi Yoshi Marina Marie-Yoshi
Orange Inkling Squid Yoshi.PNG Orange Inkling Squid amiibo Orange Inkling Squid Yoshi イカ【オレンジ】 Yoshi calamar Inkling orange Yoshi Inkling calamar - naranja (NOA)
Yoshi Inkling calamar (naranja) (NOE)
Oranger Inkling-Tintenfisch-Yoshi Yoshi calamaro Inkling arancione Oranje Inkling-inktvis-Yoshi
Purple Inkling Boy Yoshi.PNG Purple Inkling Boy amiibo Purple Inkling Boy Yoshi ボーイ【パープル】 Yoshi garçon Inkling violet Yoshi Inkling chico - violeta (NOA)
Yoshi Inkling chico (morado) (NOE)
Lila Inkling-Junge-Yoshi Yoshi ragazzo Inkling viola Paarse Inkling-jongen-Yoshi
Reese Yoshi.PNG Reese amiibo, Reese amiibo card 102 Reese Yoshi リサ Yoshi Risette Yoshi Paca Rosina-Yoshi Yoshi Alpaca Reese-Yoshi
Resetti Yoshi.PNG Resetti amiibo, Resetti amiibo cards 006, 309 Resetti Yoshi リセットさん Yoshi Resetti Yoshi Rese T. Ado Resetti-Yoshi Yoshi Resetti Resetti-Yoshi
Rover Yoshi.PNG Rover amiibo, Rover amiibo card 201 Rover Yoshi みしらぬネコ Yoshi Charly Yoshi Fran Olli-Yoshi Yoshi Girolamo Rover-Yoshi
Roy Yoshi.PNG Roy amiibo Roy Yoshi ロイ Yoshi Roy Yoshi Roy Roy-Yoshi Yoshi Roy Roy-Yoshi
Ryu Yoshi.PNG Ryu amiibo Ryu Yoshi リュウ Yoshi Ryu Yoshi Ryu Ryu-Yoshi Yoshi Ryu Ryu-Yoshi
Summer Isabelle Yoshi.PNG Isabelle - Summer Outfit amiibo, Isabelle amiibo Cards 001, 301, CP Summer Isabelle Yoshi しずえ【夏服】 Yoshi Marie (été) Yoshi Canela - Ropa de verano (NOA)
Yoshi Canela (verano) (NOE)
Melinda-Yoshi (Sommer) Yoshi Fuffi estivo Isabelle-Yoshi (zomerkleding)
Timmy & Tommy Yoshi.PNG Timmy & Tommy amiibo Timmy & Tommy Yoshi まめきち&つぶきち Yoshi Méli et Mélo Yoshi Tendo y Nendo Nepp und Schlepp-Yoshi Yoshi Mirco e Marco Timmy & Tommy-Yoshi
Tom Nook Yoshi.PNG Tom Nook amiibo, Tom Nook amiibo cards 002, 203 Tom Nook Yoshi たぬきち Yoshi Tom Nook Yoshi Tom Nook Tom Nook-Yoshi Yoshi Tom Nook Tom Nook-Yoshi
Waddle Dee Yoshi.png Waddle Dee amiibo Waddle Dee Yoshi ワドルディ Yoshi Waddle Dee Yoshi Waddle Dee Waddle Dee-Yoshi Yoshi Waddle Dee Waddle Dee-Yoshi
Waluigi Yoshi.PNG Waluigi amiibo Waluigi Yoshi ワルイージ Yoshi Waluigi Yoshi Waluigi Waluigi-Yoshi Yoshi Waluigi Waluigi-Yoshi
Super Wario Yoshi.PNG Super Mario Wario amiibo Super Wario Yoshi (NOA)
Wario Yoshi (NOE)
ワリオ Yoshi Wario Yoshi Super Wario (NOA)
Yoshi Wario (NOE)
Wario-Yoshi Yoshi Wario Wario-Yoshi
Winter Isabelle Yoshi.PNG Isabelle - Winter Outfit amiibo, Isabelle amiibo card 113 Winter Isabelle Yoshi しずえ【冬服】 Yoshi Marie (hiver) Yoshi Canela - Ropa de invierno (NOA)
Yoshi Canela (invierno) (NOE)
Melinda-Yoshi (Winter) Yoshi Fuffi invernale Isabelle-Yoshi (winterkleding)
Wolf Link Yoshi.PNG Wolf Link amiibo Wolf Link Yoshi ウルフリンク Yoshi Link loup Yoshi Link Lobo Wolf-Link-Yoshi Yoshi Link lupo Wolf-Link-Yoshi