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The Bomb Sled seen in the credits.

The Bomb Sled (referred to as a sled-mounted shooter by the Prima guide) is a machine used by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is a simple one-man sled that has been modified to shoot small bombs from an adjustable turret at the front. Its only use is in the mission Chilly Ride, where Luigi rides it down the Frozen Pit in order to break the icy armor surrounding the Shrewd Possessor.

First-Person view from the Bomb Sled.

When riding the sled, the player must aim the cursor with the gyroscope or with the Circle Pad and can fire bombs by pressing A Button. Each time the player fires a bomb or is damaged by the Shrewd Possessor, the machine will heat up as indicated by a meter attached to the side of the turret. When the machine overheats, it will result in a Game Over.

It is later seen in the ending credits being ridden by Professor E. Gadd and two Greenies.