Barren Key  icon in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
The icon for the Barren Key

Planet Keys are items that appear in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. They can be obtained by being purchased by SALESBOT 9.99+TX using Planet Coins. Planet Keys are used to open up the Secret Zones on all five planets in the main game, which contain Sparks, and Weapon Skins.

Planet Keys are keys that have puzzle piece shaped teeth, with the icon of a Planet Coin from the planet from which it is obtained on the handle.

List of keysEdit

Key Planet Planet Coins required Description
Sunrise Key
Beacon Beach 7 Buyer beware - no refunds! Might unlock some atypical door on Beacon Beach. Maybe.
Midwinter Key
Pristine Peaks 11 Item info unavailable. Look for weird doors on Pristine Peaks with weird locks?
Spellbound Key
Palette Prime 9 Seller makes no guarantees with this item. Look for strange doors on Palette Prime with strange locks, maybe?
Efflorescent Key
Terra Flora 12 This odd key likely belongs to an odd door somewhere on Terra Flora. Buyer agrees seller is blameless, regardless.
Barren Key
Barrendale Mesa 11 Seller makes no claim as to which weird door on Barrendale Mesa this may unlock. Buyer is on their own.

Names in other languagesEdit

Sunrise KeyEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒノデのカギ
Hinode no Kagi
Sunrise Key

Italian Chiave dell'aurora
Aurora Key
Spanish Llave del amanecer
Sunrise Key

Midwinter KeyEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーセツのカギ
Gōsetsu no Kagi
Heavy Snowfall Key

Italian Chiave della bruma
Mist Key
Spanish Llave invernal
Winter Key

Spellbound KeyEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハイラズのカギ
Hairazu no Kagi
Hairazu Key

Italian Chiave dell'incanto
Charm Key

Efflorescent KeyEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウララのカギ
Urara no Kagi
Ooh la la Key

Italian Chiave in fiore
Blossom Key

Barren KeyEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バレンデのカギ
Barende no Kagi
Barende Key

Italian Chiave della desolazione
Desolation Key