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Koopa holding an Exploding Mushroom

An Exploding Mushroom is a special type of Mushroom in the manga adaptation of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, Super Mario Makai Teikoku no Megami. It is capable of exploding in a large blast upon contact after being thrown, though in two instances it explodes in Koopa's hand without being thrown. The Exploding Mushroom fulfills the role of the film's Bob-omb, not present in the manga.


Super Mario Makai Teikoku no Megami[edit]

Mario tossing the Exploding Mushroom, not believing its capabilities

Mario is first introduced to it after arriving in Koopa Kingdom with Luigi and asking one of the city residents about the fungus growing throughout the city. The city resident warns Mario that the Mushrooms growing on the fungus (which he mentions is believed to be The King) can explode. Mario laughs at this and tosses the Exploding Mushroom aside in disbelief, which to his surprise, explodes and sends him flying. Koopa arrives to where Mario is at, with Daisy and his army of Goombas. Koopa demands the meteorite piece, and Mario fools Koopa into believing a string in his hand is the meteorite. Mario hands off the string and Koopa finds out it's an Exploding Mushroom which explodes and leaves behind fungus residue. A disgusted Koopa demands his Goombas to clean him up.

Mario is about to throw Koopa another Exploding Mushroom but the two parallel dimensions merge, placing Koopa and Mario on Earth. Upon Mario throwing the Exploding Mushroom, Koopa catches it and reveals it has no magical detonating powers on Earth and it is simply an ordinary mushroom. The dimensions split again, and the mushroom in Koopa's hand explodes and amputates his arm. Koopa reveals his species has regenerating powers as he begins growing back his arm. Mario continues pelting him, blasting his other arm off carrying the Devo Gun, and Koopa mocks him stating he should be aiming for his head. Mario reveals his aim was intentional, confiscating the dropped Devo Gun from Koopa and blasting him to de-evolve him to primordial slime.