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Upshroom Downshroom
Drill Mario in the Upshroom Downshroom course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Primary power-up Drill Mushroom
Wonder Effect Causes "Pumpkin Party" to play, sends Mushroom Platforms moving rhythmically, and summons Jack O'Goomba-themed pumpkins
Music sample
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Upshroom Downshroom is a course in Fungi Mines of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. As its name suggests, it prominently features Mushroom Platforms, much of which raise up or down during the course. It is unlocked after clearing Loyal Poplin's House. This course houses two Wonder Seeds and has a difficulty of one star.


The course takes place in a forest filled with Mushroom Platforms, with the player starting on top of a set of three. To the right is a wide Mushroom Platform with a sleeping Goomba below it and three ? Blocks. After a set of pumpkins and a Gamboo stack that rises from the ground is another sleeping Goomba and two ? Blocks next to a Rotating Block, as well as a Hidden Character Block visible to Mario that contains a Drill Mushroom. The ? Block on the right releases a Wow Bud that lowers a set of blue Mushroom Platforms to help the player progress, with a shorter Gamboo stack rising from the ground afterwards. After a downhill gentle slope containing some coins is a section containing two blue Mushroom Platforms, two Wow Buds, and a Big Fire Piranha. Then there are some Gamboos including a glowing one that go under a set of red pipes including one where another Big Fire Piranha comes out of. The course follows with a Long ? Block, two short Gamboo stacks, and a wall of pumpkins that has a Wow Bud next to it that raises a blue Mushroom Platform below them. By reaching the top of the pumpkin wall, there is a hidden area that can be accessed using the Drill form with some coins and flower coins inside, as well as a Hidden Character Block visible to Toadette that contains a Drill Mushroom. After two blue Mushroom Platforms which have a Big Fire Piranha and a purple Gamboo within them is a red Mushroom Platform before a blue one that can be moved upwards to allow the player to enter a red Warp Pipe next to another sleeping Goomba.

The pipe sends the player to the Checkpoint Flag on top of a set of red Mushroom Platforms with a wide one following that features a ? Block. To the right is a section with blue Mushroom Platforms and pumpkins. One of the pumpkins is glowing, and contains the course's Wonder Flower. Breaking it reveals the Wonder Flower, and touching it causes "Pumpkin Party" to begin, where Gamboos and Trottin' Piranha Plants start dancing, Mushroom Platforms appear colorful and move rhythmically, and pumpkins appear that bear glowing faces based on Jack O'Goombas. The path ahead also contains Big Piranha Plants that also dance. After making some progress, there will then be pumpkins and moving Mushroom Platforms that lead the player to a vertically-oriented section with Trampolines as well as more pumpkins dancing enemies. After breaking a pumpkin from below, the player ends up in a room contain the Wonder Seed which moves left and right. Collecting it ends the effect and a yellow Warp Pipe appears that takes the player to the area containing the Goal Pole, where pumpkins form a staircase to it, with a stack of three Green Gamboo descending to the left.

10-flower coinsEdit

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found in a sub-area that is accessed via a red pipe. It can be reached by touching the Wow Buds in the section with the Big Fire Piranha to raise the Mushroom Platforms. The sub-area contains two trampolines, a stack of three Gamboos, and this 10-flower coin which constantly moves.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found before the red pipe to the Checkpoint Flag. It can be reached by standing on a blue Mushroom Platform as the Wow Bud moves it upwards.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found above a floating platform after the Checkpoint Flag. It can be reached by touching a Wow Bud that raises the pumpkins and jumping in time. During the Wonder Effect, it appears after touching a Wow Bud that releases more Wow Buds after each jump involving a pumpkin.


Talking Flower quotesEdit

  • "I wanna be tall like the mushrooms..." (found floating near the red pipe in the section with the Big Fire Piranha)
  • "Hey!" (found in a hidden area)
    • "Wasn't expecting company..."
  • "Ha, that was cool!" (found near the second 10-flower coin)
  • "Feel like you're missing something?" (found inside a pumpkin dropped by a Wow Bud)
  • "Time! To! Dance!" (found between two Big Piranha Plants during the Wonder Effect)
  • "See..." (appears after raising a Wow Bud near the last red Warp Pipe)
  • "you..." (appears with the previous Talking Flower)
  • "later!" (appears with the previous Talking Flower)
  • "So long!" (appears with the previous Talking Flower)
  • "Phew!" (found where the Wonder Seed was after the Wonder Effect ends)

During the Wonder Effect, many Talking Flowers say these quotes in a loop:

  • "Hey!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Ooh!"
  • "All right!"


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese びてちぢんでキノコのはやし
Nobite chijinde kinoko no hayashi
Stretching and shrinking mushroom woods

Dutch Op en neer door het paddenstoelenbos
Up and down through the mushroom forest
French Étirements mycéliens
Mycelial stretches
German Hoch und runter im Pilzforst
Up and down in the mushroom forest