Move the Blocks! in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
Blaze melting an ice block.

Move the Blocks! is a minigame in Icepeak in the DS game Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The player plays as Blaze in this minigame. The player uses the control pad, the A button, and the microphone to play. Inside a cave there are many blocks of ice, a red button in the center, four blocks that have one of these characters: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dr. Eggman, or Metal Sonic, and the respective character panels.

The player must melt blocks of ice by moving up to it and blowing in the microphone to create a path from the character block to its respective floor panel, or to uncover these panels. The player must then push the blocks to the panels. If the player makes a mistake, such as pushing a character block to a wall, they can press the red button in the center of the cave with A. However, this resets the whole board, which may cost the player valuable time.


Thaw out blocks with flame and move 4 to the matching marks! Hit the red button to reset.