Break Time! Zip-Go-Round

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Break Time!
Elephant Mario trying (very hard) to get the Wonder Tokens in Break Time! Zip-Go-Round in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
World Fluff-Puff Peaks
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Zip-Go-Round is a Break Time! course in Fluff-Puff Peaks of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing Countdown to Drop Down and it contains one Wonder Seed.


The course consists of a single cloud-filled room where the only option to proceed is to hit a ? Switch. Doing so will transform the floor and the walls into Zip Tracks and spawn multiple coins, flower coins and five Wonder Tokens that move inverse of the Zip Tracks' direction. The player needs to collect all of the Wonder Tokens to get the Wonder Seed and complete the course.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Ha-HA!" (after spawning from the ? Switch)
    • "Woo!"
    • "Way to go!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 回転かいてん!ダッシュレール
Kaiten! Dasshu rēru
Rotation! Zip Tracks

Chinese (simplified) 旋转! 冲刺路轨
Xuánzhuǎn! Chōngcì lùguǐ
Spin! Dash Rails

Chinese (traditional) 旋轉! 衝刺路軌
Xuánzhuǎn! Chōngcì lùguǐ
Spin! Dash Rails

Dutch Zoefcircuit
Buzzing circuit
French Sur les rails
On the tracks
German Immer im Kreis
Round and round
Italian Circuito accelerato
Accelerated circuit
Korean 회전! 대시레일
Doejeon! Daesi Leil
Rotation! Dash Rail

Portuguese (NOA) Circuito acelerado!
Accelerated circuit
Portuguese (NOE) Carrossel acelerador
Accelerator carousel
Russian Карусель рельсов-ускорителей
Karusel' rel'sov-uskoriteley
Accelerator rail carousel

Spanish Circuito acelerado
Accelerated Circuit