The Town of Mushroom Town, founded by yours truly: MushroomMan3!

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Me too 0.0 and so are the guys on the bottom


MushroomMan3's SMB sprite.
MushroomMan3's general appearance.
Welcome to MushroomMan3's Userpage!

MushroomMan3, Super Mario Wiki editor.

Talk · Contributions · Sandbox · Sig

“Y'know, being a toad is quite hard.”
User talk:MushroomMan3/Archive 1, Super Mario Wiki

Who's on my userpage?

Who's online: Blhte, Nightwicked Bowser, That Mario, LinkTheLefty, Doublem, Tmjjmt, Alternis, DingoHazel, MarioFan900, RichzardStudios, TheRaoul1992, Mariofan12ify

Do you see those clones? They're guarding all of my pages.

Hi there! I'm MushroomMan3 :D

Names you can call me: MM3, Toad3, ToadYoshi3 (because I also like Yoshis)
Real Name: Thomas Toad
Species: Toad
Birthday:November 2nd, 2000
Age: 11
Gender: Male.
Favorite Game: Mario Kart 64. I love it for some reason...
Second Most Favorite Game: Mario Kart 7. This one features gliders!
Favorite Character: Yellow Toad, duh! Don't you see my pic? My favorite color is yellow and my favorite character is Toad.
Least Favorite Character: WARIO and DAISY. Wario's the fattest guy I've ever seen (although he has muscles), and Daisy is soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying.
Least Favorite Game: ALL WARIO GAMES.
Country/continent: America/North America-You would know the continent, anyway.
State: New York.
Region of state: Long Island.
County: Nassau.
Nationalities: German and Irish.
Affiliations: Yellow Toad, any Toad, Yoshis, Miis, Shy Guys, Yoshi-Kongs, some Mandibugs, Mario Bros., Mushroom Kingdom, Lumas, my pet Koopa, my pet Draglet, my pet Broggy.
Enemies: Bowser, Wario Bros., Count Bleck, Tatanga (which works for Wario), Francis, and any evil thing.
Mushroom Town
The greater location of the Super Mario Wiki, including Mushroom Town.
Greater Location Super Mario WikiWiki WorldPenitus
Capital MushroomMan3's Mansion
Ruler Mayor Thomas Toad (MushroomMan3)
Inhabitants Toads, Mushrooms, a few Yoshis, and many Toad-like creatures.
First Appearance Super Toad Bros. (1985)
Latest Appearance New Super Toad Bros. 2 (2012)

Userbox Tower

Wikis I Joined

User Wiki as: MushroomMan3
Thanks N64dude!

Userpedia as: MushroomMan3
Thanks, Hypnotoad!


These forums as: MushroomMan3
I did this myself.

Friend Codes & Stuff

3DS: 2320-6334-5734|Name: Andrew (FF84's name & Mii)
MKWii: 0948-9992-2558

And I'll accept yours too (now that I have internet)!


Current sig:

-MushroomMan3 My icon!Here it is!*Grows big* WEEHEE!

Normal/Spring sig:

-MushroomMan3MM3 sig pic.png{{{1}}} means I can type anything I want. This sig is for March-May.Artwork of a Mega Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii



-MushroomMan3A Super Mario Sunshine wallpaper of Mario, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth resting on Gelato Beach.June and AugustA Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine.


-We'll say different things each month! (After Luigi finishes...)HEY!MushroomMan3Dec.-Feb., but the span title on the pictures change.Hey guys! You know we'll be saying different things each month! (After a half-second passes...)Sorry bro! Just repeated what you said! (After Mario says "HEY!"...)Aww...


-MushroomMan3A Super LeafSept.-Nov.Pumpkinhead Goomba


-MushroomMan3America!July sigHappy 4th of July to all of you!

Those are my sigs!

Sig Snags


king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me Maybe I will just snag this sig because he will give me permission anyway: king bill in position MUSHROOMMAN3 that's mah bro {{{1}}}

I will be looking for more snags.

Chat Stuff

The Mysterious # and USA|52666623

Once, after looking at Ultra Koopa's story, I decided to go to #. I met nenolod (as said in story) and another quiet person, USA|52666623. He wouldn't talk either. The two mysterious people, standing there. I PMed nenolod, sent dots, it said "message for nenolod throttled due to flooding", then, somehow, I was kicked for excessive flooding on other channels. Then, the channel was soon a little popular, because more people knew about it. I saw AirMario (AirMario64), King_Jingaling, Mariofan169, N64dude,and many others.

My Chat Name

  1. #MushroomMan3's_Place


  • No swearing.
  • No annoying ops.
  • No "killing" ops.
  • No spamming.

Additional Info.

  • If we start something the day before we chat, you may continue the next.
  • No randomly barging in (unless we're friends).

3DS Friend Code

Here it is: 2320-6334-5734
It's my bro's (not MM82, but FF884/FF844) Mii.


Current Friends






Yoshi-Kong Hybrids


Shy Guys



Dragon Koopas


Requested Friends

Friends Who Requested Me


List Form


Shy Guys
Dragon Koopas

TheBlitty7.pngWho Loves Dots...


Game Consoles

These are the game consoles I own (notice they're the same as MegaMushroom82's)

120px-Xbox-Console-Set.png - I also have an XBOX, but it doesn't work (Reason: MM82 screwed it up, making the screen B&W.)

120px-PS2-Versions.png - I also have a PS2.

120px-PSX-Console-wController.png - I even have a PlayStation.

My Games

These are also the same as MM82 (mostly). Here is my rating scale:
*****=One of the best games I've played
Also, I have about...38 N64 GAMES IN ALL (woah and it came out in 1996 and my latest was Mario Party), and an Atari 2600. But these aren't all my games! There are way more, but I don't wanna fit them ALL in.

Game Box Art My Tattle Status My Rating Comments Platformer
Super Mario Bros. File:SMB Boxart.png Mario's first ever adventure to save Princess Peach from the villainous clutches of King Bowser Koopa! Uh...dunno. I don't play it much. But highest I got was World 2-3. ***** Of course I rate it this! NES
Duck Hunt 200px-DuckHuntBox.jpg The dog hunts the ducks! Uh...dunno. I don't play it much either due to the fact it's on a dual cartridge. * I don't like innocent animals getting shot by another innocent animal! NES
Super Mario 64 North American box art of Super Mario 64. I like how you get to do the glitch with the no legs and arms. 71 stars and counting! Haven't gotten all 120, so I can't get to Yoshi. ***** FUN! N64
Super Mario Land North American box art for Super Mario Land Instead of Peach, Daisy is the damsel in distress! Still need to save Daisy. Farthest I've gotten is to World 3-1. ** I hate how you restart the entire game after a Game Over! But it's still fun. Game Boy
Super Mario 64 DS Sm64ds.jpg The sequel to SM64. A game that includes Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario. Hmmm...completed! I got past the white door, too. I didn't get all 150 stars, though. **** I like the Power Flowers and this time, LUIGI AND YOSHI! DS
New Super Mario Bros. Box art of New Super Mario Bros. The adventure that will take you to the next world! World 6... *** Okay, I guess. There could've been more Powerups. DS
Mario Party File:MP1 Cover.png A great Mario Party game if you have a N64. Havin' fun! **** A great party game. N64
Mario Kart 64 North American box art for Mario Kart 64 The earliest Mario Kart game I have. Done, I think. I might be up to extra. ***** Good racers, good stats, GREAT courses. N64
Mario Kart DS The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS. Another great Kart game. Uhhh...didn't finish 150cc or Mirror cups. **** Ooh...R.O.B.! But BOO WALUIGI AND WARIO! DS
New Super Mario Bros. 2 The front North American cover art for New Super Mario Bros. 2 This game has you running for coins! Hmm.... I'm already finished?! I don't have World File:FireFlowericon.png. ***** YEAH NSMB2! SO MUCH COINS! 3DS

I'll get more soon!

My Item Interviews


File:Mk7 supermushroom.jpg
Me: Hello, Mr. Mushroom!
Mushroom: Hi.
Me: Okay, so what person do you like?
Mushroom: Bowser because he stuffs me in ? Blocks.
Me: Which person do you dislike?
Mushroom: Mario because he eats me.
Me: What is your favorite world?
Mushroom: World 8 because Bowser lives there.
Me: Which world do you dislike?
Mushroom: Special 8 because it's WAY calmer than World 8.
Me: Thank you, Mr. Mushroom.
Mushroom: Thanks. Oh and P.S. I'm Mushroomy, not "Mr Mushroom".

1-Up Mushroom

File:NSMBwii 1upshroom.jpg
Me: Hello, Mr. Life.
Life 'Shroom: Hello, Mr. Mushroomhead.
Me: It's Thomas Toad. Anyway, what person do you like?
Life 'Shroom: Bowser because he hides me from Mario.
Me: What are your feelings about him?
Life 'Shroom: Mario is a fat stupidhead who eats me to earn a life.
Me: Okay...
Life 'shroom: His brother is the skinny stupidhead!!!
Me: Uhhh...yeah...let's end this. Goodbye, Mr. Life.
Life 'Shroom: See ya. I'll be in an invisible ? Block if you need me.

Gold Flower

Gold Flower artwork for New Super Mario Bros. 2
Me: Hello, Mr. Gold.
Gold Flower: Hi!
Me: So are you excited about New Super Mario Bros. 2?
Gold Flower: Yeah! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!
Me: (To myself) Heh, a happy one.
Me: Why?
Me: (To myself) Soooo noisy.
Me: Well, I'll watch you, Mario and Luigi earn more coins!
Gold Flower: Okay, see ya! WHOO HOO MARIO AND LUIGI!
Me: (To myself) Wow, even Luigi? (Not to myself) But doesn't he turn silver?
Gold Flower: (Yelling back to me) I know, but the same thing happens as Mario!
More interviews coming soon!

The Story Behind This Toad

When It All Started

It all started with a baby born on November 2, 2000. Many newborn Toads came into the world in 2000. Years have passed, and they grew. They went to school, joined activities, and much more. Sometime in 2005, the Shroobs invaded. This baby was a powerful one, but no one had knew, until the very next day...A mysterious thing happened.

MushroomMan3's general appearance.
The newborn Toad, Thomas Toad.

The Discovery

He turned into a Yoshi! Next moment, he turned into a Paratroopa, then a Goomba, and then a Shroob! He discovered he could turn into pretty much anything! Then he turned back to a Toad once again.

Artwork of Yellow Yoshi in Yoshi Touch & Go
His Yoshi form.

A Hero Is "Made"

Cool! I wanna be a hero!

The Start of a Hero

7 years later (2012), at 11 years old, his dream came true. He became a hero. Then, somewhere in April of that year, he joined a Wiki, and it was just growing.

The Start of a Town

He found a house in an unoccupied town, and the town grew. This was the start of Mushroom Town, Super Mario Wiki (SMW).

History Is Made

He had started something important. A new town in SMW. Many Toads and Toad-like creatures moved there. The town grew fast. Mr. Thomas Toad, making SMW history.

What Is to Come

Years are to come, marriages are to be made, and more babies come to the world. Soon, deaths, and we will remember some of the important people or unimportant people, who have made history or who who have not.

Special Thanks

Who have lead this Wiki or not. This was all thanks to Steve.

Mr. Porple

Thanks, Steve!

Young Start-offs

An 11 year-old Toad makes history on a Wiki.

The Toad Trivia

The Toad Trivia is similar to MarioMan51's WIN WIN WIN!, but you win a Toad of your choice! Obviously, there aren't any baby toads. But your toad will be your buddy! As you'll see in this section, it says my items won't run out. So I have infinite Toads!

Important Notices

  • I will allow the first five people to win to earn a Toad.
    • If you're the sixth person, you can earn any pet I choose (besides a Toad).
      • If you're seventh, you get a goomba.
  • People who won, wait for 2 months before you can answer another question.
    • If you haven't won, you may answer any question (unless you win).
  • If I change my question and you answer any one before it, it doesn't count.
  • Post your answers on my talk page and NOWHERE ELSE! Just remember to tell me what color you want (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and the original Toad)!



None at the moment.


What game did the Goombo debut in?

Answers to Previous Questions

The first question hasn't had 7 winners yet.

The Journey of the Friends



Chapter 1:

Purity Essence has joined your party!

Purity Essence: What is THAT?!

???: Ow!!! Stupid wormhole!!!!!! GO AWAY YOU LITTLE MANDIBUG!!!!!! OW!

MM3: Huh?!

21-year-old Toad: :O Oh no wrong year........

19-year-old Toad: :( What year is this???

21YOT: Ask someone in this year!!!

19YOT: What year is this?

Me: 2005! You look like........ ME!!!

Purity Essence: That one looks like......... ME!!!

Older Purity Essence: :O Oh no this is the year of the Shroob Invasion!!!!!!

Older Purity Essence: It looks like we met our younger selves......

Older Me: Yup.


Chapter 2:

Me: So, who did I marry?


???: Hey, bro!

Me: Hey [censored]*!

MM82: So, what's up?

MegaMushroom82 has joined your party!

Me: Nuthin'.

19 year-old Human: Huh? It** this 2005?

Both mes and Purity Essences: Yeah.

Older MM82: Good. I thought I recognized this place.

Me: A SHROOB! *Transforms into one to disguise self*

Older Me: *Transforms into a Shroob to disguise self*

Me: No good.

Unidentified Shroob with Cyan Cap: Stop! A SHROOB!

Me: Shroobario? It that really you?** Hey there!

Shroobario: Hey, Shroob guy!

Both mes: *Transforms back to normal*

Shroobario: Hey MM3 and older self!

Me: Hey!

Shroobario has joined your party!

Me: Hey, older Shroobario!

Shroobario: Huh? Older me?

Older Shroobario: Yup. I got summoned when you joined MM3's group! So did MM82 from my time, 2020!

Shroobario: Cool!


*Some users don't want their name(s) revealed.
**Reference to Mario-related game.

Chapter 3

Me: I know you're not here on the Super Mario Wiki, but we're just including you.

Shrooby: Yeah. But at least I'm still on a wiki.

Older Shrooby: But I didn't go back.

Shrooby: I decided that too.

MM82: You didn't hear my name, right?

Puri T: Uh, yeah. It's [censored]*!


Both mes: Lets go! (transforms into Yoshis)

Both MM82s: I call MM3!

Both Puri Ts: Ugh. VIVIAN!

Both Shroobies: *Sigh*...

???: Uh, hello?


*Still MM82 doesn't want his name revealed.

Chapter 4

Me: Uhh...

???: Where's my Chaos Heart?! Did you take it?

Me: No, demented loser.

"Demented loser": I need to become "Super Demented Loser", as you would call me.

Me: Uh...Mega? I think that's...

Both MM82s: HOLY C****, DIMENTIO?!

Everybody but both MM82s: Yup.

Everybody: LET'S GET 'EM!

???: Not so fast, as I am the equivalent to my younger self!

Both mes and Puri Ts: O—ol—older self?!

Me: You died, didn't you?!

Older Dimentio: What in this dimension do you not know?! I was brought to Dimension D and was revived when I was younger, while after that I had teleported to this time! But my younger self had never been touched by a hero at all! He looked and looked for the Chaos Heart all his life! That was the center of his life.

???: Lemme get a bite outta this conversation! Please, I wanna take the ol' heroes down! Please?

Dimentio: Not now, Chunky!

O'Chunks: It's O'Chunks, not Chunky, you stupid Clown! Nobody cares about your jokes at all! (Except maybe Bleck)

???: Hey, watch it you impersonator! You take that costume off right now! You! The one dressed like me!

Older me: Why is it when some guy comes in, his older self does too?!


Small *: That's the new thing for words we wanna block out, so I won't fix the ones before this that say [censored].

The MM3 Super Shop!

My items are always in stock! They'll never go out!


Boss: -MushroomMan3 My icon!Me because it's my shop, DUH!*Grows big* WEEHEE!

Manager: king bill in position MEGAMUSHROOM82 that's me I know he'll accept this because he's my BRAH (reference to Super Paper Mario)!
Cashier (Items): ???
Cashier (Pets): ???
Cashier (Real Estate): ???
Cashier (Karts): ???
Assistant Boss: A Super MushroomMushroom20022002 Mushroom.pngMushrooms!
Assistant Manager: ???
Assistant Cashier (Items): ???
Assistant Cashier (Pets): ???
Assistant Cashier (Real Estate): ???
Assistant Cashier (Karts): ???

Fired Workers

A palette swap of Toadette.Purity EssenceA palette swap of Toadette.Walkazo blocked her for sockpuppeting, namely as MysteryGirl2012, and using that to cause much grief for admins all across the wiki's many venues.

How to get coins

  • If your my friend, you'll get 1 star coin.
    • If you are my sibling, you'll get a gold star.
      • If you are a Toad, you'll get a grand star.
  • When you come up with items, you'll get 1 purple coin times the number of items you came up with.
  • If you join my crew, you'll get a green star.
    • If you're the manager, you get a grand star.
      • If you're an assistant to any crew member, you'll get a red star.
        • If you're assistant boss, you'll get a gold star.


WL1 Coin.png 1 Gray Coin= 0.5 coins

Artwork of a Coin in Super Mario 3D Land 1 Coin= 1 coin, duh!

File:Sm64redcoin.png 1 Red Coin= 5 coins

Artwork of a blue coin in Super Mario Sunshine 1 Blue Coin= 10 coins

Purple Coin 1 Purple Coin= 25 coins

A Comet Medal 1 Comet Medal= 50 coins

A Star Coin 1 Star Coin= 100 coins

Star medal.png 1 Star Medal= 1,000 coins

Artwork of a Bronze Star from Super Mario Galaxy 2. 1 Bronze Star= 1,500 coins

Greenstar.png 1 Green Star= 2,000 coins

Smg2 icon silverstar.png 1 Silver Star= 2,500 coins

Red Power Star 1 Red Star= 5,000 coins

Power Star 1 Gold Star= 10,000 coins

Grand Star 1 Grand Star= 50,000 coins

MP3MillenniumStarA.png or File:MP3 RealMStar.JPG 1 Millennium Star= ∞ coins, and only I can own it and I'll never lose it! Which means I can buy my own things from my own shop & pet store!


I'm coming out with more items soon, so give me suggestions. If you do, you'll get one purple coin for each of your items.


My pets will never run out! They'll always be here!

I just love Yoshis, too! But I'm not renaming myself ToadYoshi3!!! Now I'll try other buddies!

Come up with more pets and earn purple coins times the number of pets you thought of!

Real Estate

I'll even try and sell houses, and they're always here! They're copies of houses or places that someone lives in, so choose whatever you want (but choose only one).

Oh, and there is one Mansion that's already sold out.


Please give suggestions on my my talk page.

Game Systems



Stuff I Have

Shop: The MM3 Super Shop! (Unless labeled)

Items I Have

Pets I Have

My House

Shy shop and other shops' items/pets coming soon!

Game Systems

See? I own every one!



Money I Have

My Templates

MushroomMan3 resting.
"I'm gonna be leaving for a while!"

MushroomMan3 is ether {{{1}}} {{{2}}} {{{3}}}, left on {{{4}}} and will return on {{{5}}}.

{|class="notice-template" style="text-align:justify;background:#FF0;border:1px solid orange;color:red;width:90%;margin:0 auto" |width=116|[[File:MushroomMan3 resting.png|center|115px]] |'''"I'm gonna be leaving for a while!"''' {{PAGENAME}} is ether '''{{{1}}}''' {{{2}}} '''{{{3}}}''', left on '''{{{4}}}''' and will return on '''{{{5}}}''' |}

{{{1}}}= On a vacation/camping
{{{2}}}= to/in
{{{3}}}= Location
{{{4}}}= Date of departure
{{{5}}}= Date of return


MushroomMan3 resting.
"I'm gonna be leaving for a while!"

MushroomMan3 is camping in Onteora Scout Reservation, left on 7/8/12, and will return on 7/14/12.

I'll have to think of more...


Friend Userbox:

MushroomMan3's SMB sprite.

Code: {{Userboxp|border=#f00|mainbkgd=#ff0|codebkgd=#ffffff|codecolor=black|code=[[File:MM3 SMB Sprite.png|40px]]|msg=<span style="color:red">This user is friends with '''''[[User:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Mushroom</span>]][[User talk:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Man3</span>]]'''''. This user is friends with '''{{PAGENAME}}''' on the ''Super Mario Wiki''.</span>}}

Best Friends:

MushroomMan3's SMB sprite.

Code:{{Userboxp|border=#f00|mainbkgd=#ff0|codebkgd=#ffffff|codecolor=black|code=[[File:MM3 SMB Sprite.png|40px]]|msg=<span style="color:red">This user is '''''BEST''''' friends with '''''[[User:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Mushroom</span>]][[User talk:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Man3</span>]]'''''. This user is friends with '''{{PAGENAME}}''' on the ''Super Mario Wiki''.</span>}}

The {{PAGENAME}} means your username.

Another userbox being used for any groups:

Code: {{userboxp|border=red|mainbkgd=yellow|codebkgd=white|codecolor=white|code=[[File:MushroomMan3.png|40px]]|msg='''[[User:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Mushroom</span>]][[User talk:MushroomMan3|<span style="comicsansms-family:serif;color:#f00">Man3</span>]]'''}}

Luigaisy Userbox (From Pichi-Hime6's "Mareach" userbox):


Code: {{userboxp|border=gold|mainbkgd=green|code=[[File:LuigiDaisy.png|50px]]|msg= This user supports Luigaisy}}
If you support "Luigiaisy", put this on your page!

No Internet (DS)

Insert pic here.ext

Code: {{userboxp|border=black|mainbkgd=black|codebkgd=white|codecolor=black|code=File:Insert pic here.ext|msg=<span style="color:white">This user doesn't have internet on (his/her) (insert DS type here).</span>}}
Well, I know I do! FINALLY! The "Insert pic here" means put in the image of the DS you have (type and color). The "him/her" is for different genders.

No Internet (Wii)

Insert pic here.ext

Code: {{userboxp|border=black|mainbkgd=black|codebkgd=white|codecolor=black|code=Insert pic here.ext|msg=<span style="color:white">This user doesn't have internet on (his/her) [[Nintendo Wii]].</span>}}
I have it on my Wii too! There are different colored Wiis, so that's why I put it here too.

No Internet (3DS)

Insert pic here.ext

Code: {{userboxp|border=black|mainbkgd=black|codebkgd=white|codecolor=black|code=Insert pic here|msg=<span style="color:white">This user doesn't have internet on (his/her) [[Nintendo 3DS]].</span>}}
Still yes. And again, different 3DS colors.

Dictionary of Thomas Toad

Luigaisy (Loo · ēgā · sē): The relationship between Luigi and Daisy.

Bahoo (Ba · hu): A sheep saying "Yahoo".

Malleo (Mahl · ēō): Mario's misspelling from Mario is Missing! (PC or DOS). He is Weegee's brother, and Walleo's good self.

Walleo (Wahl · ēō): Wario's misspelling in Wario is Missing! (PC or DOS). He is Waweegee's brother and Malleo's bad self.

Waweegee (Wa · wēgē): Waluigi's misspelling from Wario is Missing! (PC or DOS). He saves Walleo. He is Walleo's brother and Weegee's bad self.

Raru (Rah · rhoo): Something I say randomly. Raru!


My personal images:

Sig Pic:

My Favorite Images:


Look, a video of some of us older users from 2007! Featuring Porple!

7 users I know.

Funny Super Bowl commercial!

I've been singing this at camp (Onteora) Friday night (7/13/12) and ALL DAY SATURDAY (7/14/12), along with the rest of my troop (but not the adults).

Other Activities I'm In

Boy Scout troop 5.gif 7.gif 6.gif in Massapequa. I'm ranked scout. But I quit.

I'm watching-oh. Well, 0.0