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MK7 Purple Yoshi.pngYoshi should have been able to change colors (especially to purple) in Mario Kart 7!
Real Name: A Combination of Select Numbers of Letters in the Alphabet
Gender: Male
Country: USA (Hawaii)
Favorite Game(s): Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Least-Favorite Game: Brunswick Pro Bowling (Not Mario)
Favorite Characters: Yoshi :D , Daisy <3 and Toad :) !
Age: 15

“Come on! Let's do this!”
User:NinjaYoshi, Super Mario Wiki

Welcome to my page. I am NinjaYoshi. This is my signature: MK7 Yoshi.pngNinja Yoshi MK7 Purple Yoshi.png.

Who's online: Mario jc, Niiue, BBQ Turtle, TheSecretGuyAroundYa, LMLink, PinkYoshiFan, Keyblade Master, Blhte, Drone 16Bit, Kirbyo, VentureSonic, Cheat-master30, Mariuigi Khed, RSM, Jazama, TheRaoul1992, Gold Luigi, PanchamBro, Shokora, Stone Pokey, Leo Sukaze

I love to make remixes of songs so see the header titled "Notification" for more info. A few other facts you need to know about me are that I love all Yoshies, I hate Waluigi, and have dodged 25+ blue shells. And when I get mad in Mario Kart (especially MK7, MKDD!! or MKDS), I start to drift like nuts, fire items like crazy and bust past people even if they're on my team... (But hey, that's what happens when you've grown up on Mario Kart DS like I have!) I also wish that the next Mario Kart will include GCN Rainbow Road, Neo Bowser City, GCN Sherbet Land, Toad's Turnpike, Lakeside Park, Ribbon Road, Rock Rock Mountain, Moonview Highway, Mushroom City and Shroom Ridge. :)


Hey everybody! I just wanna say, that everyone that's my friend can suggest a remix of a song to do, and I'll find a midi and whip out a remix on my computer with a program I have. Comment on my talk page! But, if you're not my friend, I won't do remixes you suggest!

My Remixes

Here's some remixes I've done and uploaded so far! Enjoy!


This section is dedicated to Tails777's suggestions only!

Nice And Easy (Mario Party 3):

Toad's Turnpike (Mario Kart 64):

Coming Soon:

  • GCN Rainbow Road (done)
  • SNES Mario Circuit
  • Other Sonic Songs
  • Neo Bowser City
  • Dire, Dire Docks (done)
  • Battle (Paper Mario: TTYD) (done)
  • Gritzy Desert (done)


This section is dedicated to RosalinaSilverCrown's suggestions only!

Coming Soon:

  • Gritzy Desert (See Tails777's section)
  • Other Mario (Kart) Songs


There's more to come, so keep checking! :D

Favorite Bios

NinjaYoshi's Userbox Tower
MK7 Yoshi.png
Artwork of Miles "Tails" Prower from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Toadette's head from Mario Party 6
Yoshi MP4.png
Artwork of Baby Mario for Mario Kart Wii (also used in Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Kart Tour)
MushroomMan3's SMB sprite.

A Yellow Yoshi
A Tail Goomba
Link from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
File:Red HGSS.gif
Artwork of Princess Peach from Super Mario 3D Land
Artwork of Dry Bowser.
GEX (talk)
Lucky Seven from Mario Kart 7.
America box art
The cross.PNG
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road
Neo Bowser City
The icon for Rainbow Road, from Mario Kart Double Dash!!.
The icon for Sherbet Land, from Mario Kart Double Dash!!.
The icon for Mushroom City, from Mario Kart Double Dash!!.
Neo Bowser City
Bee Suit
Mario's Boomerang form from Super Mario 3D Land.

1. Yoshi's Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bio 2: "You can't help but laugh when you see Yoshi. But when he bowls you over with his giant egg, he'll be the one laughing at you."

2. Daisy's Mario Superstar Baseball Site Bio: "Grown men cry when this maid comes a-courtin'. She puts more English on the ball than a dictionary."

3. Daisy's Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bio 2: "Whoever said girls can't drive never met Daisy. She's fast, fearless, and not afraid to trade a little paint with anyone who tried to pass her."

4. Toad's Mario Kart Wii Bio: "What Toad lacks in bulk he makes up in enthusiasm. Toad's strange noises of glee make him a fan favourite."

Favorite Quotes

Mario Kart 64:

1. "Yahoo!" - Toad

2. "Aaaaaaah!" - Toad

3. "Waaaaaaaaah!" - Wario

4. "Yeah! Hahaha..." - Toad

5. "Waaaaaaaaaaa!" - Mario

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/Mario Kart DS:

1. "Badabada-bah Hooooo!" - Yoshi

2. "Wrea! Wrea!" (When in cannons or dragging behind the kart) - Paratroopa

3. "Uh oh, Baby Weegi time!" - Baby Luigi

4. "Oh yeah! Baby Weegi! ...Number... Almost one." - Baby Luigi

5. "Mmmmmm!" - Yoshi

Mario Kart Wii:

1. "Yo-Yo!" - Yoshi

2. "Brrroomm, BRRROOMM! Hehe..." - Baby Luigi

3. "Huh? What? Oh! Baby Weegee win!" - Baby Luigi

4. "Aw yeah!" (After hitting someone) - Luigi

5. "Hey-Ha!" (When passing someone)- Toad

Mario Kart 7:

1. "Yo-Yo, Yoshi!" - Yoshi

2. "See Ya!" - Metal Mario

3. "Ya-Ow!" (After hitting someone) - Yoshi

4. "Eeee-Eee-Eeeee!" (After getting hit) - Mario

5. "Aw...!! " *grumbles* - Toad



MK7 Yoshi.png


Artwork of Yoshi on his Mach Bike, from Mario Kart Wii





My Friends

  • Sprite of Yoshi's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tails777 Talk to me!Robin's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Probably my Bestest Friend on the Super Mario Wiki, super loyal, and a great racer on Mario Kart 7! Also has an awesome personality and user page. Has helped me on many subjects and is always willing to talk. He and I get along excellently and I love chatting with him! Thanks for helping me and being my friend, Tails!

  • Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: Rosalina with her wand held.RosalinaSilverCrownFire Rosalina.png My very first friend, and a very loyal one at that. Being one of my best friends on the Mario Wiki, she has played many games together online on Mario Kart 7. Thanks for being my friend, RSC!

  • Yoshi's Story promotional artwork: A White Shy GuyIceShadow talk · edits A really awesome friend of mine, loyal and almost always happy (or so it seems)! He was one of the first to actually give me a proper list of songs to remix that was long! Anyway, I Love the name, man! Keep up with the user page!

  • 'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) The user himself who introduced me to this wiki when I first got here, YK is an awesome friend. He has helped me with many problems and encourages me when I don't feel much of a help at all. Thanks for being there, YoshiKong!

  • Yoshi MP4.pngYoshidude99Bowser Dude, you're pretty cool, YD99! Really like your page and thanks for the info about Mario Party 9!

  • Artwork of R.O.B. from Mario Kart DS Master R.O.B. Good guy, and strong editer. Nice page, and I love your signature!

  • NewSMBU (talk) The savior of my user page! Without him, I wouldn't have anything below "My Favorites"!

  • Fuzzy in New Super Mario Bros. UYoshiGo99Artwork of a Yoshi egg on a tilt. It is unknown whether this artwork was released with a certain game or not. Signature is sweet and you're a pretty cool guy! Thanks for accepting, man!

  • RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) Thanks for the help with the images, bro!

  • Lakituthequick.png Lakituthequick Quick to respond to my request and he replied nicely. I hope we become good friends, LTQ!

  • PTR (trivialWarlord) Loved it when you answered my friend request with "Sure! Why the heck not??" I also think your page is pretty cool too.

Hammer Bro. from Mario Party DS.
Bro Hammer (TalkCont) Accepted without hesitation (or so I think...). Replies immediately and was the first to give me his userbox before me asking for it!

MP9 Luigi Artwork.png Smb1 Right after we became friends, we broke out into conversation. Yet it was short because his Internet was down... Hope ya got it back!

  • EthanFerris

Poison Mushroom Orb in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. EditionDigibutterFrancis

My Own Stuff

This section applies to me only. Not even my friends. This includes My Favorites (My Own Pictures, My Media, My Gallery, etc.). In other words, if you wanna get to know me better, this is that section.


I love Owl City, Newsboys and White Heart (all of which are Christian artists). My favorite songs are:

Owl City:

1. Strawberry Avalanche

2. Fireflies

3. Galaxies

4. Hot Air Balloon

5. Umbrella Beach

6. Tip Of The Iceberg

7. Meteor Shower

8. Vanilla Twilight

9. Hello Seattle

10. To The Sky

White Heart:

1. His Heart Was Always In It

2. Raging of the Moon

3. You Can See The World

4. The Flame Passes On

5. Where The Thunder Roars

6. Nothing But The Best

7. Vendetta


1. Breakfast

2. Fad of the Land

3. I Am Free

4. In The Belly Of The Whale

5. Joy

6. He Reigns

7. God Is Not A Secret

8. Cornelius

9. Live In Stereo

10. Breathe


My family

I have my dad, my mom and my sister. That's it... But the best part? Our last name is Shadow! Seriously! :)

My Friends

I have a friend with a 3DS that's one of my best friends. He loves the sonic series, and Mario Kart, but is almost obsessed with Rainbow Road (me too kinda... But more Neo Bowser City...) If I'm playing online on Mario Kart 7, that's who I'm playing with (if Tails777 and RosalinaSilverCrown aren't playing with me).

I have numerous other friends (including the ones on this wiki) too. Here's a bit about my best friends: one loves rugby and is very outgoing, and the other sits at his computer half the day playing Minecraft and Starcraft II (both of those games I love, but I don't spend that much time on them.) Meanwhile his mom tries to pry him off, by getting him to do outdoorsy activities (which she always does.). And the other friend I already told you about. Oh yeah, and another one lives in Washington, and he's a nut. Yet another lives in Washington, and he loves Mario Kart: Double Dash!! too, but his younger brother gets on our nerves a lot... And finally, there's one who lives in Oklahoma currently, but is coming back to Hawaii in September. He's a colorful fellow, and he loves books and big words. Oh, I forgot one that lives in Togo, Western Africa. He and his family are missionaries there and have currently adopted 3 togoan boys. :O Anyway, he was gone for a while somewhere else more than a year ago, and he lent me his Wii games (most exciting were: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart Wii (at the time, my MKW was broken... )) and accessories. In that time (of about a month (during school too) I was able to beat NSMBW, and unlock Rosalina in MKW (I got a Super Mario Galaxy save file from my friend, just the day my MKW broke, so I didn't unlock her until after I got my friend's). So yeah, long list, but I have a lot more friends, but I'll stop here... I'm getting carried away... :)

Mario Kart Wii U Track List

This is my fan-made full tracklist for the potentially upcoming Mario Kart for the Wii U!

—Nitro Cups—

Mushroom Cup:

-Peach Circuit

-Blooper Island

-Marshmallow Plains

-Tanooki Forest

Flower Cup:

-Mario Circuit

-Delfino Beach

-Rocky Dunes

-Koopa Valley

Spiny Cup:

-Luigi Circuit

-Baby Land

-Cheep Cheep River

-Daisy Gardens

Egg Cup:

-Pipe Pass

-Shroom Jungle

-Freezie Lake

-Luma Station

Star Cup:

-Yoshi Circuit

-Shy Guy Mountain

-Cloud Raceway

-Toad Highway

Special Cup:

-Whittle Falls

-Mushroom River

-Bowser's Castle

-Rainbow Road

—Retro Cups—

Shell Cup:

-DS Cheep Cheep Beach

-SNES Donut Plains 2

-GBA Riverside Park

-GCN Dry Dry Desert

Banana Cup:

-3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon

-Wii Toad's Factory

-N64 Royal Raceway

-SNES Bowser Castle 2

Feather Cup:

-N64 Toad's Turnpike

-Wii DK Summit

-3DS Rock Rock Mountain

-DS Shroom Ridge

Cloud Cup:

-DS Mario Circuit

-GBA Ribbon Road

-3DS Piranha Plant Slide

-GCN Sherbet Land

Leaf Cup:

-GCN Mushroom City

-SNES Vanilla Lake 2

-3DS Neo Bowser City

-Wii Grumble Volcano

Lightning Cup:

-GBA Lakeside Park

-Wii Moonview Highway

-DS Bowser's Castle

-GCN Rainbow Road

My Mario Kart Favorites

Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart Wii

Top 3 Favorite Characters: Yoshi, Baby Luigi, Toad

Top 3 Favorite Karts: Blue Falcon, Standard M, B-Dasher

Top 3 Favorite Bikes: Jet Bubble, Dolphin Dasher, Mach Bike

Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Rainbow Road, Koopa Cape, Moonview Highway

Top 3 Favorite Retro Tracks: GCN Mario Circuit, GBA Bowser Castle 3, N64 Sherbet Land

Top 3 Favorite Battle Courses: Block Plaza, Delfino Pier, Funky Stadium

Top 3 Favorite Retro Battle Courses: GCN Cookie Land, N64 Skyscraper, DS Twilight House

Mario Kart 7

Top 5 Favorite Characters: Yoshi, Mii, Metal Mario, Toad, Daisy

Top 3 Favorite Kart Combinations: Bumble V with Sponge wheels and the Paraglider, Tiny Tug with Sponge tires and the Paraglider, Blue Seven with the Standard tires and the Super Glider

Top 7 Favorite Tracks: Neo Bowser City, Rainbow Road, Rock Rock Mountain, Piranha Plant Slide, Maka Wuhu (without shortcut glitch), Mario Circuit, Wuhu Loop

Top 7 Favorite Retro Tracks: SNES Rainbow Road, Wii Koopa Cape, GCN Dino Dino Jungle, DS DK Pass, Wii Mushroom Gorge, Wii Maple Treeway, DS Airship Fortress

Top 3 Favorite Retro/New Battle Courses: Sherbet Rink, Wuhu Town, DS Palm Shore

Over All

Favorite Items: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Favorite Tracks List: Mario Kart 7

Favorite Battle Mode: Mario Kart DS

Favorite Character Roster: Mario Kart Wii

Least Favorite Characters Over all: Waluigi, Honey Queen, Lakitu

Favorite Items Over all: Bob-Omb, Starman, Specials from DD!!, Triple Red Shells, Green Shell, Fire Flower, Mega Mushroom, Lightning

Favorite Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Specials: Yoshi Egg, Bob-Omb, Fireballs, Bowser Shell, Triple Red Shells, Heart, Chain Chomp, Golden Mushroom, Giant Banana

Over all Favorite New Track Lists: 1. Mario Kart 7 2. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3. Mario Kart Wii 4. Mario Kart DS 5. Mario Kart: Super Circuit 5. Mario Kart 64 (couldn't decide between this and SC) 6. Super Mario Kart (repetition)

Over all Favorite Retro Track Lists: 1. Mario Kart 7 2. Mario Kart DS 3. Mario Kart Wii

Over all Favorite Mario Karts: 1. Mario Kart 7 2. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3. Mario Kart DS 4. Mario Kart Wii 5. Mario Kart 64 6. Mario Kart: Super Circuit 7. Super Mario Kart

My Overall Favorites

Here I will state my favorites throughout the Mario Series, from games to race courses to characters.


My Favorite Mario Kart Courses:

1. Rainbow Road (GCN) 2. Neo Bowser City 3. Sherbet Land (GCN) 4. Shroom Ridge 5. Rainbow Road (3DS) 6. Mushroom City 7. Koopa Cape 8. Sky Garden 9. Yoshi Circuit 10. Maple Treeway 11. Rock Rock Mountain 12. Rainbow Road (Wii) 13. DK Summit 14. Toad's Turnpike 15. Piranha Plant Slide


My Favorite Mario Tennis Courts: (I haven't played Mario Tennis for the N64...)

1. Galaxy Arena (Crystal Court) 2. Mushroom Valley 3. Delfino Plaza Court 4. Mario Bros. Classic Court 5. Penguin Iceburg 6. Mario Stadium (Grass Court) (Over Peach Done because of the Music) 7. DK Jungle (3DS) 8. Peach's Palace 9. Wario Dunes 10. Peach Dome Court (Grass Court)

My Favorite Mario Tennis Music:

1. World Open Finals (MTO) 2. Tiebreaker (Mario Tennis N64) 3. Menu (Mario Power Tennis) 4. Tournament (MPT) 5. Mushroom Valley (MTO) 6. World Open First Match/Semifinals (MPT) 7. Artist on the Court (MPT) 8. Penguin Iceberg (MTO) 9. Tiebreaker - Delfino Plaza Court (MPT) 10. World Open Finals (MPT)

Note: MTO stands for Mario Tennis Open. MPT stands for Mario Power Tennis.

Super Mario series logo

My favorite Mario Characters:

1. Yoshi (All Colors, but particularly Green) 2. Daisy 3. Toad 4. Metal Mario 5. Baby Luigi 6. Peach 7. Baby Mario 8. Luigi 9. Mario 10. Baby Daisy

My Favorite Mario Games: (I didn't note ones I haven't played)

1. Mario Kart 7 2. Mario Tennis Open 3. Mario Kart DS 4. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 5. Mario Kart Wii 6. Yoshi's Island DS 7. Mario Power Tennis 8. Mario Party DS 9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 10. Mario Super Sluggers

My Favorite Mario Songs:

1. Neo Bowser City 2. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7) 3. Toad Circuit/Mario Circuit (Mario Kart 7) 4. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) 5. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart DS) 6. Toad's Turnpike 7. Rainbow Road (F-Zero X) 8. Shroom Ridge 9. Sky Garden 10. Mushroom Bridge/Mushroom City

My Favorite Power-Ups:

1. Ice Flower 2. Fire Flower 3. Propeller Mushroom 4. Mega Mushroom 5. Starman 6. Penguin Suit 7. Tanooki Suit 8. Fire-Breath (Yoshi's power flower from SM64 DS) 9. Lucky Seven 10. Dash Pepper (Yoshi)

My Favorite Mario Girls:

1. Daisy 2. Peach 3. Baby Daisy 4. Toadette 5. Rosalina 6. Goombella 7. Baby Peach 8. --- 9. --- 10. ---

My Favorite Mario Songs Part 2:

11. Sherbet Land (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) 12. Wuhu Loop/Maka Wuhu 13. Mario Circuit/Figure-8 Circuit (Mario Kart DS) 14. Luigi/Mario/Yoshi Circuit (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) 15. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64) 16. Piranha Plant Slide 17. Bowser Castle (Mario Kart 7) 18. Wario Shipyard 19. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii) 20. DK Summit

I'll Continue editing this as I figure out more ideas for categories. :)

My Pets and Other Things

Mario Games I have owned by date

Pages I Have Created (Or Helped Work On)

Pictures I Really Like (Or Created)


These are some of my most favorite songs ever. Enjoy.

Neo Bowser City: File:Koopa City -awesome-.ogg

Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7): File:Rainbow Road.ogg

Toad Circuit/Mario Circuit: File:Toad's Circuit + Mario's Circuit.ogg

Piranha Plant Slide: File:PP Pipeway.ogg

Wuhu Loop/Maka Wuhu: File:Wuhu island.ogg

Menu Theme (Double Dash!!) File:MKDD-Music-MainMenu.ogg

Sherbet Land (Double Dash!!): File:MKDD-Music-SherbetLand.ogg

Rainbow Road (Double Dash!!): File:MKDD-Music-RainbowRoad.ogg

Mario/Luigi/Yoshi Circuit (GCN): File:MKDD-Music-CircuitTheme.ogg

Baby Park: File:Baby Park.ogg

DK Mountain/Dino Dino Jungle: File:MKDD-Music-DKMountain-DinoJungle.ogg

Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64) File:MK64-Music-RainbowRoad.ogg

Toad's Turnpike: File:MK64-Music-Toad'sTurnpike.ogg

Moonview Highway: File:MoonviewHighwayMKW.ogg

World Open (MTO) File:Mario Tennis Open Music - World Cup Tournament Match (Soundtrack - Nintendo 3DS).ogg

Star Open (MTO) File:Mario Tennis Open Music - Star Open Match (Soundtrack - Nintendo 3DS).ogg

Star Open Tiebreaker (MTO) - Remix of N64 Mario Tennis Tiebreaker. File:Mario Tennis Open Music - Star Open Tiebreaker (Soundtrack - Nintendo 3DS).ogg


<gallery> File:NeoBowserCity.png|My favorite Mario Kart track, excluding the Rainbow Roads. File:RainbowroadMK7.png|One of my favorite Rainbow Roads... Just wish it was a little bit longer... File:Mushroomvalley2MTO.jpg|My favorite court in Mario Tennis Open. File:Penguiniceberg.jpg|One of the other really good courts in Mario Tennis Open. File:SportsMix2.png|Yoshi is really awesome! File:NSMBW Invincible Mario Artwork.jpg|Rainbow looks good on Mario! <gallery>