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Real Name: Raven
Gender: Female
Location: USA,Tennessee
Favorite Game: Mario Party 5
Favorite Character: (Shockingly) Rosalina!!
Birthday: August 21
Age: 15
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HELLO!!!!!! I am RosalinaSilverCrown, and this is my user page!!!!!! Here you can find my favorite.....well,ANYTHING in the Mario series. You can also find my favorites in other series as well as anything you might want to know about me! Please request something like that on my talk page,which I may check everyday. Another note,I text A LOT so please excuse any capitalization or grammatical errors. Just to be sure you don't think I'm stupid,I can honestly say I am a straight-A student. First off, Here is my Userbox

Somebody Has A Birthday!!!!!!!

Today(9/19/12)is my friend Jimmy724 's birthday!!! He is a great person and friend so I would really appreciate it if you could pay his page a visit and even tell him happy birthday. Plus,he is leaving tomorrow so you should give him a good goodbye hug!:D TRUST ME,I WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DON'T TELL HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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My Pets!!!!!!

<gallery> File:Blitty4.png|I have sooooo many Blittys!! This one is named BrownSugarCinnamon File:Blitty1.png|This guys name is NinjaYoshi after my best friend on the wiki!! File:Blitty6.png|This girls name iis Rosalina!! I wonder why...... File:StarSpirits.jpg|The Star Spirits are my babies!!! File:SMG BlueLuma.jpg|My Lumas are house-trained!!! His name is Raven. File:SMG RedLuma.jpg|Say hello to Mario! File:SMG GreenLuma.jpg|And his brother,Luigi!

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