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Real Name: Josh
Age: Twenty-something....
Gender: Male
Region: Midwest

Hey, I'm YoshiGo99. I am a Nintendo fan and I joined the Wiki in 2011. Nowadays, I typically just browse around, I don't edit much anymore. I do own quite a few Nintendo consoles, below you can find my Switch ID. I've never gotten interested in other consoles or PC gaming.

For those curious, I am majoring in Animation looking to go into 3D animation and modeling. I enjoy modding games, notably Mario Kart Wii. Additionally, I like photography and art. If you ever wanna chat, you can contact me below. I am very active on Discord.

Some Information to contact me:

  • Super Mario Boards: YoshiGo99
  • Discord: TacoJosh#6376
  • Nintendo Switch ID: SW-7431-0109-5719