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File:Paper Luigi.png
itsa me Papermariobros
Thank You nintendo for inventing this wonderful device!

hi You've just entered a world of 3 things Paper Mario,Paper Luigi, and Losta Spgetti

  • Nintendo systems I own
  • 3DS
  • Wii
  • DS lite (It broke)
  • DS (My brother gave it to me to replace my old DS lite but when I got my 3DS I gave it back)
  • Game Boy Advance SP (I gave it to my sister)
  • Gamecube

articles I made

Dance Club

at the Dance Club we show whos got the moves

Walruss Mushroom retainers getting out of a bag Toad jumping up and down from Super Mario Bros. 3. Toads dancing in happiness Luigi's battle stance Luigistandrpg3.gif Mario's happy animation from Yakuman DS Mario.gif MarioCartSmallAni.gif PrincessToadstool spin.gif Toad render.gif PsychoScreamermanDS.gif ToadNESWoods.gif Baby Mario's idle battle animation Hopping yellow Mini-Yoshi from Super Mario World BirdoWWTimer.gif Bloober.gif Boom Boom Diddyswim.gif Sprite animation of Donkey Kong pounding his chest in Donkey Kong (Arcade) Drybones.gif Toadette sprite from Mario Party Advance. Petey Piranha in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time LemmySMB3Ani.gif Fawful 2nd form. Iggy Koopa by Diddyhahoo.gif Spike sprite from Super Mario Bros. 3 ToadikoYakumanDS.gif CutieLaugh Yakuman.gif Wariowin.gif Wiggler from Super Mario World Yoshi model animation from Super Smash Bros. Green Yoshi Enemy Katsini Win.gif ShyguyYakuman.gif Waluigidance.gif Bubbles.gif

The Snifit Club

join us now

Snifits are awesome but no one knows about them so tell me if you would like to join on my talk page are goal to make snifits as popular as goombas

list of Snifit Club members

1 Papermariobros

My favorite mario characters

Artwork of Luigi jumping from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
He is just so awesome!(:

My least favorite mario characters

Don't look its to ugly and horrible for the human eye

My Freinds

MushroomMan3's general appearance.
2.User:MushroomMan3 Became Freinds on September 2 2012
Artwork of Yoob and Yoshi from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
3.User:YoshiMonsta Became Freinds on October 11th 2012
4.User:Superluigi128 Became friends on October 18th 2012

Talent Contest

Hello and welcome to the first papermariobros talent conteset

First up Diddy Kong Diddyjuggleleani.gif

Boring sure I couldn't do that but im sure some clown could so your score is 2/10

Next up Boo

Artwork of Boo playing Coney Island.
Hm pretty good but when you dropped some ice cream you lost some points your score 5/10

3rd is Mario

As much as I like art I like art thats only okay your score 4/10

We will be right back after this commercial break

HotDog SPM.png

Hot Dogs yum only $20.00

okay were back with our final oppent

Artwork of Yoshi for Mario Party 4
that was so was awesome 10/10!

no dought about it the winner is YOSHI! with his pointless act

what is his awesome prize...

File:Weegee Sprite.gif

okay lets pretend we didn't see that your real prize is a....

HotDog SPM.png

a hot dog! thanks for watching folks this Papermariobros sighning out.


Parrator: Im gonna give you a big hug Toad: I think I'll pass
Snowman Wario
EW! Wario wipe you nose
Is Hammer Bro. actually scared of that clock
Baby Luigi's Bullet Bike
This is what I always choose when I play MKW
Okay the shop clerck just wow
The Best Boss of them all
Okay we get it your just going to spin round and round and round until you die

Random Image of the Month

DK Jungle

Ahh good old Dk's Jungle lots of things to do like.......................ummmmmmmmmmmm getting killed by tikis no sorry pretend i didn't say anything

My Shop

Welcome to my shop

Get a pet Baby Yoshi (Toad not included)
File:MKwii Greenshell.jpg
Get a useless Shell

More items in my shop coming soon.

The Mario Bowl I

lets see our players

Team Red

Playing for the life time supply of Egg Bombs to kill Diddy Kong with but he is also playing for stuff.