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Paper Mario Enemy
Enemy Name
Boomerang Luigi 128.png
Location(s) Mario's Pad
Luigi's Mansion
Bowser's Castle
Peach's Castle
Max HP 360
Attack 128
Defense 64
Moves Super Jump, Super Spin Jump, Mega Hammer, Poltergust, Lotsa spagetti! (Attack+8), SuperMushroom128 (Defence+5), Mega Mushroom (Huge)
Items Mystery, Mystery, Fire Flower, Dizzy Dial, Super Shroom, Thunderbolt, Ultra Shroom
Misc. stats
Air Lift?

That's Superluigi128, It says here that Superluigi128 is named after your brother Luigi, he's more famous than i thought! Max HP is 360, Attack is 128 and Defense is 64. This guy ain't gonna' lose to anyone...or so he says. I'd watch out for his Super Spin Jump, it can reduce your HP and confuse you! Man, i'm already confused! Let's get him Mario!

Superluigi128's Userbox Tower
Luigi's standing pose from Mario and Luigi RPG 3!!!
File:Blue Yoshi SMW.PNG
Yoshi MP4.png
NSMBW Blue Coin Sprite

User:Super Famicom 64/userbox

Mss hrc dc yoshi daisy toad.png
File:Red HGSS.gif
Red-Cyan Toad.jpg
Star medal.png
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii
Nintendo3DS 3.png
Wii U Logo.svg
Artwork of Luigi from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The North American cover for Super Mario 3D Land
This user beat Super Mario 3D Land Mario-Kart-7-Box-Art-EU.png
This user beat Mario Kart 7 The front North American cover art for New Super Mario Bros. 2
This user beat New Super Mario Bros. 2

Wii logo
Logo for the Nintendo 3DS.
Nintendo GameCube console & controller
An edited view of Fawful changing into Dark Fawful, with parts of his transformation from each scene minus the laughter.
Bowser's battle animation

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I am going to really miss Nintendo Power... :(

“SPAGHETTI! i must have it!

User:Superluigi128, userpedia:Comic 128

Hello Mario fans!

Boomerang Luigi 128.png Im superluigi128....

Here are some things you can look at:

Status: I haven't updated or looked at this page in years, but I ended up on the Mario Wiki so decided to check it out again :p As for a status, I have descended into Idol Hell (Kotori best <3 ) nice >:]

A screenshot of a Goomba walking back and forth.

Other Sites i'm On

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Superluigi128's top 15 favourite Mario games

1.New Super Mario Bros. 2

2.Super Mario 3D Land

3.Super Smash Bros. Brawl

4.Super Mario World

5.Super Mario Bros. 3

6.Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

7.Super Mario Bros.

8.Super Mario Galaxy 2

9.Super Mario Galaxy

10.New Super Mario Bros. Wii

11.Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

12.Luigi's Mansion

13.Paper Mario

14.Super Mario 64

15.Super Mario Sunshine

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1.Nintendo Wii U

2.Nintendo Wii

3.C2 CONSOLE: (NES and SNES playing console).

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1.Nintendo DSi

2.Nintendo 3DS

About my contributions to this Wiki:

I am making more contributions as time goes by.


  1. I'm trying to make 100 Mainspace edits.
  2. As little Userspace edits as possible (i get really tempted to add to my userpage).
  3. Make an equal amount of Userspace & Mainspace contributions.

Pages I Have Created:

  1. Bill (disambiguation)
  2. Baby Bowser (disambiguation)


Here are the PipeProjects i was helping with:

  1. Adding Aboutfile
  2. Star Coins
  3. Trivia's (Deleted)
  4. Images (I created it)

PipeProjects I created:

  1. Trivia's (Deleted)
  2. Images

These WERE my pipeprojects before the feature was removed......

Superluigi128's Friend Codes and other codes

Here is a list of my friend codes:

Nintendo 3DS

Name: Aidan

FC: 2492-4117-6589 (outdated cause I lost my old 3ds)

Mario Kart 7 Community

Name of Community: ULTRA-SPINIES

Community Code:17-8842-4401-9847

Wii Number

Name: Aidan

FC: 4247 1250 3130 3804

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Friend Code

FC: 4212-3464-4

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Artwork of a Blue Coin in Super Mario Sunshine.X1




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