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Welcome, Betamaster64!!

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Your talk[edit]

Is not a userpage. Don't add stuff like "i love mario" WikiofSmash"It's called society, ever heard of it?" 19:11, 9 August 2011 (EDT)

NEVER remove talk page content. WikiofSmash"It's called society, ever heard of it?" 19:18, 9 August 2011 (EDT)
Just thought i'd point out that his i love mario comment was not against the rules and should not have been removed Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)
Betamaster removed it THEMSELVES. >_> WikiofSmash"It's called society, ever heard of it?" 19:33, 9 August 2011 (EDT)
Ops my bad misread the log Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)

Personal Image Warning[edit]


You currently have too many personal images.

Users are limited to a maximum of five personal images, which can be used on your userpage and/or for a signature on talk pages (see the personal image policy for details). Please select the personal images you would like to keep and mark all others for deletion using the {{delete}} template. If you have not relinquished your extra images within one week of receiving this notice, five images will be selected for retention at random, and the rest will be deleted. If you continue uploading more images and exceeding the limit, then a warning will be issued.

--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

You have the maximum of 7 personal images. Please put {{delete}} on 3 of em'.--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

Were you even listenin' ta me? You keep uploadin' more personal images and yer' only allowed to have 4. >:[.--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

I didn't say get rid of all of them. xP. I said only 3 of them. But that's up to you.--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

It's me ThePremiumYoshi!!![edit]

Hi, i wanna thank you for the help! Without you, i wouldn't create that userpage, so thanks!!! TheMightyPokey will eventually rise again, so, preprare yourself!!! Anyways, thank you for your help1 I'll mention you as a BEST friend, that's ok?

-Sincerely ThePremiumYoshi


Dear Betamaster64,

It has come to our attention that you are currently in violation of the userspace policy. Please review the policy and abide by it, or else a warning will be issued. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please use the preview button when editing or you clog recent changes. Nintendo Logo.svg64Fan (Discussion) 19:45, 30 September 2011 (EDT)


Sure, I'll be your friend! Lemmy Koopa617 (talk)

Here's my userbox



SPP Beta - Lemmy Animation.gif

It's YoshiKong[edit]

Hi! It's YoshiKong! Remember me from the chat? I'll be your friend! Copy this code for my userbox...




May the Yoshis be with you.

P.S. Do you have a userbox?

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits)


Hey! It's SuperPaperFan! Wanna be friends? SuperPaperFan

Betamaster64's Userbox Tower
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MM3 SMB Sprite.png

Friend Request[edit]

Would you like to be friends. My userbox is below that from SuperPaperFan. AC4-Edward.pngArmin00ConnorKenway.png


Here's my userbox:

MM3 SMB Sprite.png

-MushroomMan3*Grabs leaf* Ooh, a tail!Yay cya on chat "AirMario"A cool Jack-O'-Lantern for Halloween!

Image advice[edit]

Hey BetaMaster64. Good job with the SMS beta images, but when uploading please remember to properly categorize the images. For beta images, please tag them with
[[Category:Beta Images]]. Also they should also be categorized as the game they appear in, so also add [[Category:Super Mario Sunshine Images]]. Thanks!

'Shroom Spotlight Shokora (talk · edits) 19:17, 24 November 2012 (EST)