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About Me

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Well, I'm a Geek girl, my favorite color is Pink oh seriously?, I love candies, chocolates, cakes, and every sweet things, I like to draw, make videos in Sony Vegas, listen music, make Flash digital games, play Video Games (duh), make FanFics, watch animes and make stupid things, sometimes. :) I have a twin sister, and she has an account in this wiki too, named BubbleLemon! :3
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Local: I won't tell you, before you hate me.
Birthday: 20th, February
Favorite Series: Super Mario; Soulcalibur; Bayonetta; Alice: Madness Returns; Assassin's Creed; Call of Duty; Medal of Honor; Battlefield; FarCry; GTA; L.A. Noire...
Joined in wiki: 24th, August 2011.
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My Favorite Characters

PaperMario Items JellyPop.png Peach
PaperMario Items JellyPop.png Daisy
PaperMario Items JellyPop.png Rosalina
PaperMario Items JellyPop.png White Mage


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