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Razzoom Nooze News Flash: Shops closed, SlyPod Store closed, but hey, good times.

Feel free to Talk to me at ANY time on my talk page. I will awnser as soon as possible. Anyway, who wants ICE CREAM ?(note: Ice Cream may not exist.)

Oh, my handy dandy Spy Guy tells me...

Who's online: BFDI Maker, Memelord2020, PaulHabaradas, Nintendo101, OmegaRuby, Goombuigi, DohIMissed, Giga Cat Mario, Swallow, Alyssapowersthecuteyoshi, Sparks, Kingoffire6873 U, Ffffff, KingOllie8, Blhte, Koopa con Carne, Ethan2226, Iggy2300, CreativeDolphin42891, ForcedExcess26, Mymax162, Happypuppy, Jdtendo, Purl, Hero Vladimir, Raffina Higashikata

and also that ...


Oh yes, I have got Spy Guys... and...they...are...watching...YOU!


Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior. (talk) 12:49, 8 October 2012 (EDT)



Mario Quiz

Here are the Questions:

Who said "Hey you, get off of my cloud!" ?

A) Mario B) Luigi C) Wario

Who is Pricess Peach´s Knight in shining armour?

A) Luigi B) Mario C) Waluigi

What is Mario´s surname?

A) Spaghetta B) Ravioletti C) Mario

And finally, who is the Donkey Kong from the Game "Donkey Kong"?

A) Diddy B)Cranky C) Wrinkly

And now the prizes

1st Prize: Something from my shop Super Candy won this...

2nd-4th Prize: Something from my Shop - Limited to things up to 500 Friendz Coins. (Two out of four won by Pokebub and RPG Gamer)

5th-9th Prize: Something from my Shop - Limited to things up to 100 Friendz Coins.

10th-Last Prize: A shop Voucher worth 50 Friendz Coins.


Masqerade Spotade service

I now offer a Masquerader spotting service...

So far I have sucsessfully found out that Sir. Strange Koopa and Mr. Bowser were actually Master Bowser Jr...





About me...

If the Userbox Tower isn´t enough, here is some Info about me.

Name: Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior.

Likes: Woohoo Blend and Biscuits.

Dislikes: Losing a race , Losing a bet and rain.


Hates: Shroobs. Except Shroobario...

Theory Time

If Razzoom

meets a Shroob

, this comes out: a shroobed version of me...



Shroob Shroob Shroob Shrazzoob Shroob! Shroob Shroob Shroob. Shrazzoob Shrooboid Brat Tashrooba Shroob Shroob! Shroob!!!! Shroob Shroob Shroob Shroob Shroob... Shrazzoob!!! SHROOB SHRAZZOOB!Shroob Shroob Shrooboid Brat Shroob! SHROOBILY! PRINCESS SHROOB SHROOB SHROOB! Shroob...Tashrooba shroobs shrooby. SHROOB, Planet Shroob SHROOB SHROOB. Shroobsy shroob, shroobificate shroobsa. SHROOBSA SHROOBSONIA SHROOBSE SHROOBSO.

Shrooby Shroobs,

Shrazzoom "ShroobKart" Shroobson.

(Translation: Shroob leader Mister Shrazzoob here! Come here now. Shrazzoob, Shrooboid Brat, Tashrooba need you! NOW!!!! So now the boring by...Shrazzoob!!! Hear Shrazzoob! Let´s get Shrooboid Brat now! Quickly! Princess Shroob needs us! And... Tashrooba truly yours. GO, Planet Shroob neds you. Now you, shroobificate everyone. EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM!

Your´s Truly,

Shrazzoob "ShroobKart" Shroobson.)

(It happens I can speak Shroobnese...)


1.A Generation Nex (´Cause I want to play NES and Famicom games, AND I have hardly any space.)

2.A H&B MegaDrive (Because GENESIS does what NintenDON´T... I know...)

3.A GameBoy Advance SP (So I can be advanced!)

4.A SNK NGP Color (Hyper SNK!)

5.A SNES Jr. (Now I´m playing with power... Super Power!)

Favourite Games

-Super Mario Advance series

-Banjo-Kazooie Grunty´s Revenge


-Mario Kart 7

-Mario Party Advance

-MarioKart Super Circuit

My chat

After defeating Shrazzoob I now have a chat! It´s #Razzoomchat! Let´s meet there!!!

So now you can Contact me in 3 ways:

At my Chat,

By email- click on E-mail this user!

And by Talkpage.

Super Mario Boards account arrived!

For a great Restaurant, visit #Razzoom's_Diner...

Dev it up! App competition

With the release of SlyOS 2.8 Peach arrived and SlyOS 3.0 Cherry coming, we're going to reward you for creating a SlyOS app. Send a PM to RAZZOOM with the code or eMail it via 'email this user' function.


  • Free
  • Not just rubbish
  • Tested in the SlyPod Simulator
  • And of course effort put into it!

Whoever submits an App will get it into the Store (after checking) and also bag a SlyPod with 50 Friendz Coins!

A thought on Public Transport

At first I want to say that the Mushroom Kingdom Transport Corporation, MKTC for short, is really brilliant. Some Idiot stole my car the other day and gave it back on the day after that,but that´s another story, and I could only use the Public Transport.Here is the story of my day on the Public Transport:

Me on the Public Transport Switchboard at New Aqua Bay in Toad Town. I wanted to go on the K64, also by the MKTC. I payed a Lakitu to take the photo, by the way.
Mario and Parakarry right beside the K64.
I´m not in the Picture, but Mario and Parakarry are, as I took this Picture with my trusty Polaroid by myself.
Me on the Public Transport Switchboard at Old Sand District, after taking the K64 from Toad Town to Dry Dry Ruins.
Me on the Public Transport Tram at Goldmine Valley after Old Sand District. I was on the W Line. After that trip I got on a Wiggler Bus on Mushroom Bridge.
I´m in the Public Transport Wiggler Bus on the right passing Mario and Bowser in Mushroom City. They were having a Race. I wanted to join, but someone stole my Car.

The Use of Switchboards, Trains , Trams and Wiggler Buses is very clever. Especially that they go all over the place. For example, the Wiggler Buses go over Mushroom Bridge and into Mushroom City, the Las Vegas of the Mushroom Kingdom. I went to go and do some betting, as I always do. Betting, not take Wiggler Buses to Mushroom City. On my trip at New Aqua Bay I saw a Station that was called Toad Town Square, which was Literally just a Plattform with a Warp Box and two ?-Boxes. No-one was there. It was a lovely day and use the MKTC´s Public Transport even more now. And the Trams are Ingenious! They can go on the Ground and in the air.

And now to the Bone Public Transport Corporation.

They have BoneMonorails, BoneBoats and BoneTrains. They offer BoneCards, but, as the BPTC only operate in areas with Lava, It isn´t really worth it.

Travelling on the BoneMonorails is a very warm Experience, as they only go over Lava. Here I am in Lava Town near Melty Molten Galaxy.
File:Bonecoaster in action.png
Travelling on the BoneTrains is quite like on the Switchboards, and it also is very warm Experience, as they only go over Lava. Here I am in Lavalia near Lava Town.
File:NSMB2 Bonecoaster.png
Travelling on the BoneBoats is unique experience, especially here at Lake Lava.