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“You are awesome and so are I. SmartYoshi”

About me

Who's online: Lyner, Niiue, Shokora, Mariolover1116, Tas123, Blue Ninjakoopa, SuperLuigiDude, Somethingone, Porplemontage, Bowser64, BBQ Turtle, Biddybud, Keyblade Master, OneShookBoi, ZelenPixel, Casual Koopa, PhGuy12, 4e696e6a6f795844, Infi, Shawnlongtendo, Deor100

Hey I`m SmartYoshi. None more to see here. (P.S. I have decided to semi-retire. I will still be here, but not very often.)


My Yoshi named Yosh!(boy)
My Yoshi named Yosh K.(boy)

200px My other yoshi named Yoshizer! [girl]

My Yoshi named ???. You can help name it.(boy)

200px My next Yoshi named ??? You can help name it.[girl]