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Hello! My name is Jasmine (aka WayslideCool), and I am blowing some dust off my userpage for the first time in four years or so, so please forgive me. I don't update this nearly as often as I'd like. I'm not the most active on this wiki, but will occasionally help add information on new announcements, particularly in regards to the Mario Kart series.

I occasionally write for a Tumblr blog that talks about weird Mario enemies as "Mod Hooligon" (alongside my friends!), so feel free to check it out! I ended up covering a lot of Super Paper Mario, if only because I spent way too much time as a kid reading the list of Catch Cards on this wiki.

Personal information

Super Mario Maker 2 levels

Since I figure y'all might want to check out the levels I've designed...

  • Chip Off the Ol' Thwomp: HSK-38P-LQF
  • Boot Camp: HV6-HY7-3FG
  • Boot Camp 2: Air Force: 7DM-N33-42G
  • Boot Camp 3: The Navy: M4N-DRQ-1QF
  • Boot Camp 4: Raid on Fort Bowser: F37-FRP-QQG
  • Twister Turmoil: H0P-34C-KSG