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                              Hey daisy 187 is here and I like to say to my friends Leftygreenmario,
                              Koopa-troopa, super candy and Marioman51 you are my dearest friends ever 
                               And that's a true fact.

Interviewing Mario

Daisy_187: I'm going to interview the Mario crew first up is Mario.

Daisy_187: Welcome Mario.

Mario: it is a pleasure to be interviewed.

Daisy_187: So Mario what is the greatest thing that happened to you?

Mario: Well the greatest thing that happened to me is when I meet Peach,Toad,Yoshi,and you,Daisy.

Daisy_187: Wow that is very touching.

Daisy_187: So Mario I heard that you and your brother,Luigi got separated how did that happen?

Mario: Kamek took Luigi away

Daisy_187: Well that's all the time we have.

Mario: Remember always play my games.

Interviewing Luigi part 1

Daisy_187: Welcome back. Now here he is the man of all times he's green, he's lean, and he's brave he's the awesome luigi!

Luigi: Thank you for that awesome intro.

Daisy_187: Any time Luigi, any time. So luigi I heard it's the year off Luigi

Luigi: Yeah but... Shig

Daisy_187: What

Luigi: it's ending

Daisy_187: But it can't end

Luigi: I know but it's life and people will like mario again SOBS

Daisy_187: I know but there are a lot of people who likes you

Luigi: Are you sure?

Daisy_187: I have an Idea how about all of the users can tell you. Ok?

Luigi: Ok

Daisy_187: Users it's all up to you tell Luigi how much you like him. Please he needs love too.